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Immaculata’s Education Division fosters academic excellence and professional preparation through instruction, programs, and research. Our experienced faculty provide individual attention to our students, both on and off campus, and we maintain our commitment to those schools and districts with which we partner.

The Education Division at Immaculata University develops knowledgeable, exemplary professionals by encouraging inquiry, analysis, and creativity. Our programs, designed for prospective and current educators, will help you develop your abilities in the noble profession of teaching. Your courses will delve into, pedagogical skills, ethics, professional standards, and educational issues in contemporary society.

If you are interested in earning your teacher certification, we will work with you to meet the current requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education and to prepare for professional practice.

Degrees & Programs

Education, A.A.AssociateAdult Professional
Education, B.A.Bachelor, CertificationAdult Professional
Education, B.A.Bachelor, CertificationTraditional Undergraduate
Educational Leadership and Administration, Ed.D.DoctorateGraduate
Educational Leadership, M.A.MasterGraduate
Higher Education, Ed.D.DoctorateGraduate
Higher Education, M.S.MasterGraduate
Instructional Coaching EndorsementEndorsementGraduate
Letter of Eligibility CertificationCertificationGraduate
Mathematics Coaching EndorsementEndorsementGraduate
PK-12 Principal CertificationCertificationGraduate
PK-12 Special Education CertificationCertificationGraduate
PK-4 CertificationCertificationGraduate
Reading Specialist CertificationCertificationGraduate
Secondary or PK-12 CertificationCertificationGraduate
Social Services, A.A.AssociateAdult Professional
Social, Emotional and Behavioral Wellness PK-12 EndorsementEndorsementGraduate
STEM Education EndorsementEndorsementGraduate
Supervisor: Curriculum and Instruction CertificationCertificationGraduate
Supervisor: Pupil Personnel Services CertificationCertificationGraduate
Supervisor: Single-Subject CertificationCertificationGraduate
Supervisor: Special Education CertificationCertificationGraduate

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