Alumni Outcomes and Profiles

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome: A Therapist’s Growth Through Immaculata’s Counseling Program

Erica Ricciardi

Through Immaculata’s M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Erica Ricciardi improved her skills, grew in confidence, found her dream job and now shares her knowledge of specialized treatment with others in the M.A. program.


From Classroom to Patrol Car: How Immaculata’s Criminology Degree Shaped Alumna’s Journey to Policing

Woman in police uniform in front of campus building

Jasmine Hess loved her time at IU and appreciates how her criminology classes and a forensic science course helped her develop crucial skills for her job as a police officer.


From Nutrition Student to CEO: Sue Daugherty’s Inspiring Path to Advocating for Medically Tailored Meals

Sue Daugherty

Sue Daugherty, an IU nutrition alumna and Metro Philadelphia Power Woman, reflected on food as powerful medicine and the people who helped her develop her power on her way to becoming the CEO of MANNA.


Immaculata Nursing Program Prepares Graduates for U.S. Navy Medical Career

Michaela Dwyer

Immaculata University nursing graduate is serving on the United States Navy Hospital Ship as a commissioned officer and nurse. As a member of the medical staff, she helps train health hcare workers in various host nations.


Amanda Miller: B.S.N. Graduate is Example of How Immaculata Prepares Students to Pass NCLEX

Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller ’20, a biology graduate decided to come back to Immaculata University to earn a second bachelor’s degree in nursing.


Alumna Combines Psychology and Business to Help College Students

Woman in college hallway, wearing Immaculata sweatshirt

Catherine Knoll ’22 graduated from Immaculata and accepted a dream job as director of outreach for a nonprofit organization that builds campus-wide networks that support college students. Her Immaculata education opened doors and molded her into the responsible leader she is today.


IU 2023 Graduate Profile: Meredith Katona, B.S.N.

Woman in university hallway

After earning an undergraduate degree in English, Meredith Katona decided to switch careers and get a degree in nursing. She was drawn to the field because of the range of specialties and career options she could pursue.


IU 2023 Graduate Profile: Ferdinand Surita, Ed.D.

Man in suit looking at camera, with his hand on his chin

Ferdinand Surita, Ed.D. has overcome tremendous odds to earn his doctorate degree and is an inspiration to all who want a better life.


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