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Preparing Students for the Virtual Job Market

Career Services

Heidi Harrison, Director of Career and Professional Development, is making a difference for Immaculata students who need new skills to navigate the tight job market caused by the global pandemic.


Meet Donna Brown

Donna Brown knows first-hand how essential an at-home classroom feel is. As a teacher at Harcum College in Bryn Mawr, Donna strives to help students reach their fullest potential while pursuing her own degree in health care management at Immaculata University. She notes being in an undergraduate program helps her relate more to her students, stating she can empathize…


The State of Education

State of Education

Immaculata’s curriculum prepares students to master the business side of education, as well as adjust to the changing needs of their students.


5 Reasons to Major in Financial Planning (or 6, if math scares you)

Financial Planning

Get ready for a rewarding job helping people manage their personal finances, invest wisely and strategize for their future.


Students Minor in Data Analytics

Although the film Moneyball (2011) made data analytics synonymous with baseball, Immaculata junior John McArthur didn’t realize just how integral it would be to his college basketball career. He explains that during games, Immaculata uses a company that tracks and records the shots of all basketball players, including the type: midrange, three-pointer, or a step-back…


50 Years of Educating Adult Students

As Immaculata University prepares to celebrate its centennial, another milestone is at hand: the 50th anniversary of CAPS.


Know Your Students: David Brennan

“If you don’t know the first names of your students within a month, shame on you,” states Immaculata professor of education David Brennan, Ed.D. He is referring to the often-repeated mantra he tells his student-teachers: get to know your students.


Adult Students are Becoming the New Norm

Whether you are a community college graduate, a first-time college student, someone who has been away from college for a while or utilizing military benefits, Immaculata’s supportive environment will help you succeed in achieving your academic and professional goals.


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