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Explore your interests. Increase your knowledge. Develop your talents. Prepare for your life’s work. 

An education at Immaculata will help you advance in your career and in all of life. You’ll benefit from the University’s heritage of scholarship, teaching, and service.

Learn from faculty who have made significant contributions to academia, to the student population, and to the world. Grow as you connect with classmates and participate in a community with them. Gain experience through faculty-mentored research projects, field experiences and service opportunities.

Get personalized support from academic advisors, career counselors, and dedicated tutors. Build your network by making contact with alumni and other professionals working in your field.

A Unique Perspective

Dr. Jed Yalof tells incoming students, “You’ll be a very different person, six or seven years from now, in ways that we can’t exactly tell you. You just have to let the program work on you. And if you’re open to it, you’ll find your way as a professional.”

Learn more about Dr. Yalof and the Clinical Psychology, Psy.D. program.

Gabriele Library

Immaculata’s Gabriele Library encompasses everything you need in a collegiate library–– knowledgeable and helpful staff, resource materials, study space, computers, and of course, books. You can also relax and unwind with a cup of your favorite beverage from the ImmacuLatté Café or browse the Duffy’s Cut Museum to learn about the amazing history of local Irish immigrants.

Discover Immaculata

Grounded in IHM tradition and charism since 1920.

Find out what an IU education can do for your mind, your character and your future.