March 2018

André Allen: Driven

Andre Allen

When you meet Immaculata sophomore André Allen, you feel his sense of purpose and his drive to improve himself. As an exercise science major, he is drawn to understanding how the human body works and is constantly challenging himself to maintain fitness and a proper diet. The strive for well-being may stem more from playing…


Carmen Galindo: Enacting Change

Carmen Galindo

Coming from a large family, Carmen Galindo ’18 has plenty of experience planning parties: birthdays, weddings and even her parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. It’s no surprise her goal is to own an event planning business. As a business management major with a minor in marketing, Carmen realizes that her career options are numerous. Additionally, she…


Jessica Gehris: Turning Personal Experience into a Career Path

Jessica Gehris

Divorce is a life-changing process for everyone involved.  Jessica Gehris has learned how to turn her family’s personal experience with divorce into an inspiration for her career choice. As a sociology major and Adult Professional Studies student, she finds people fascinating and is interested in helping others, especially children dealing with family issues. She hopes…


Julia Coppa: Ask the questions, and be open to the answers.

Julia Coppa

Most parents endure the inevitable and unending “why” questions that begin in toddlerhood…..hoping their child will eventually become sidetracked from the original question. This was not the case in the Coppa household. Growing up with her five younger siblings in a house she describes as being in “the middle of the woods,” Julia Coppa ‘19…


Amy Tenney: Music is the Universal Language

Amy Tenney

Imagine this scenario: a woman carrying hand drums, a keyboard, percussion instruments, and a small xylophone into a converted convent in an old church in Baltimore. It sounds like the opening to a joke. However, as much fun as Amy Tenney is going to have – and provide – her work is no joke. Already…


Patrick Zeoli: Rising Above

Patrick Zeoli

Patrick Zeoli, a member of the men’s golf team, is a perfect example of a busy athlete. In addition to team golf practices three days a week (at Hershey’s Mill near campus), Patrick and other members of the golf team practice individually as well. As a Nutrition major with a minor in math, Patrick plans…


Mary Kate Walsh: Oh the Places She’ll Go

Mary Kate Walsh

Traveling alone is a scary thought for most, but not for Mary Kate Walsh ’18, of Philadelphia, who spent most of her junior year exploring the world. Walsh is majoring in English and secondary education with a French minor. Putting her French skills to use, she spent a week in Paris in July 2014; but…


Cameron Delisle is Learning the Business of Baseball

Cameron Delisle

Eight games in nine days.  For Cameron Delisle ’19, it is the perfect way to spend spring break in Fort Pierce, Florida with his baseball teammates. Born in Brunswick, Maine, two hours outside of Boston, Delisle discovered his love of baseball as a fan of the Boston Red Sox. Lucky enough to witness the Red…


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