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Cameron Delisle is Learning the Business of Baseball

Cameron Delisle

Eight games in nine days.  For Cameron Delisle ’19, it is the perfect way to spend spring break in Fort Pierce, Florida with his baseball teammates.

Born in Brunswick, Maine, two hours outside of Boston, Delisle discovered his love of baseball as a fan of the Boston Red Sox. Lucky enough to witness the Red Sox’s march to the World Series title, he spent his childhood following his favorite player, shortstop Nomar Garciaparra. It encouraged him to play himself during his high school career in Quakertown, PA.

Upon graduation, he headed back to New England, spending a year at Bridgton Academy in Maine to prepare academically and athletically for college. As luck would have it, his parents’ decision to stay in PA was a major factor in his choice to attend Immaculata.

“During my senior year of high school, my parents were originally supposed to move back to Maine but they didn’t so I started looking at colleges in Pennsylvania,” he explains. Former Mighty Mac baseball coach Bryan Torresani noticed Delisle at a baseball camp and invited him to tour campus during his spring break at Bridgton Academy.

Playing outfielder for Mighty Macs’ Head Coach Kevin Schneider and experiencing the tough mental game, Delisle drew parallels between baseball and his intended major of psychology. However, as he explored his options he realized that what he really wanted was to work within a baseball organization, so he switched his major to sports management.

“My dream job would be to work in the front office of a professional baseball team…more specifically, the Boston Red Sox,” he confesses with a broad, easy smile.

Delisle recognizes that marketing could be a great entryway to a career in baseball. To complement his major, he is minoring in business administration and Spanish. Broadening his education allows him to explore the business side of baseball.

“I enjoyed my economics class with Dr. Faunce, who is a really great teacher,” he emphasizes. He equally appreciated Current Trends in Sports Fitness with Barbara Gallagher, department chair and program director for Exercise Science.

By the time Delisle graduates, he will not only have classroom knowledge but also hands-on experience in the baseball industry that belies his young age. Working his connections, he secured a summer internship with Tri-State Elite Academy, the organization that runs Shockers Baseball in Quakertown, PA, where he serves as a coach during the summers.

“I know the owner, and he told me it’s basically a business job that just happens to be related to baseball,” Delisle says. During the internship, he will be in charge of preparing payroll, updating social media accounts, and organizing schedules for practice and tryouts. In addition to his internship, he will continue coaching the Shockers Baseball team and is also coaching the 14-year-olds for the Gallagher Baseball team in Newtown, Pa., during the late summer.

Although his schedule keeps him busy, Delisle still enjoys his college experience. He has made lifelong friends who enjoy bowling, playing tag football and basketball with the team during the off-season. When he isn’t studying, he reads nonfiction books that further develops his understanding of physical and mental health and business-related topics–– and, of course, biographies on his favorite baseball players.

To keep peace with his friends who are diehard Phillies fans, Delisle admits he’s always had a soft spot for outfielder Shane Victorino!

When he was 10, Delisle moved with his family to Quakertown, Pa., when his dad was promoted.

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