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Philosophy & Theology

Why am I here? If God exists, why is there so much suffering? Do I have free will or are my choices already determined? How do I find out what is really true or what is morally good?

These are important philosophical and theological questions, so important that every student at Immaculata University is required to take two courses in each of these two areas. These courses will help you acquire a deeper understanding of yourself, your major field of study, and the world by reflecting on Christian theology and the insights of philosophers throughout the ages.

If you choose to a major or minor in one of our department’s programs, you will gain a deeper understanding of philosophical ideas about the nature of knowledge and reality, as well as the Catholic intellectual and spiritual traditions and their cultural, political, economic, and ethical implications. You will improve your ability to reason logically and persuasively, to analyze and solve problems, and to use an informed imagination to consider possibilities. Most of all, you will learn to seek wisdom relentlessly and grow in your love of what is true, good, and beautiful.

Degrees & Programs

Liberal Studies, B.A.BachelorAdult Professional
Philosophy and Theology MinorsMinorTraditional Undergraduate
Theology, A.A.AssociateAdult Professional
Theology, B.A.BachelorTraditional Undergraduate

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