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In Immaculata’s arts, languages, literature, and communication programs, you will enjoy works
of visual and literary art, discover global cultures, and explore the power of words and digital
media. You will cultivate creativity, an understanding of diversity, problem-solving skills, and
divergent thinking, and effective self-expression.

The world will always need people who can speak and write clearly and think creatively.
Immaculata’s art, communication, English, and Spanish faculty members will help you become
adept in these skills, which are versatile enough to be applied to numerous career
fields—education, law, business, publishing, marketing, government, media, fundraising, and the

We offer many internships to help you gain experience, build your resume, expand your
network, and make yourself more marketable. You may also apply for a mini-grant to conduct
faculty-mentored research. If you are interested in graduate studies, faculty will help prepare you
to pursue further education and join the scholarly community.

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