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Art Minors

Art History

This minor allows you to take a range of courses surveying pre-historic to postmodern art. Understanding art history is helpful if you are interested in becoming an art teacher, an art historian, a museum curator, an art restoration and conservation professional, a tour leader, an art appraiser, or an anthropologist.

In this program, you will study Renaissance art, impressionism, modern art, and art from other cultures.

Creative Mindfulness

Creative Mindfulness is a minor that will provide you with practical information about the importance of mental health in both your personal life and in your professional setting. This minor will touch on the expanding mindfulness market as well as the increased need for mental health awareness within the workforce. You will take courses in art, music, philosophy, psychology and communication, where you’ll learn mindfulness practices that you’ll be able to apply in your future career.

Graphic Arts

This 18-credit graphic arts program, available either as a minor or as a certificate, will give you a strong foundation in fine arts with an array of classes in graphic design.

You will become familiar with the field of graphic design, developing basic competency in design and typography. You will learn to work in the Macintosh operating system to create an original portfolio of work using Adobe Creative Suite programs such as PhotoShop and Illustrator.

Studio Fine Arts

The 18-credit minor in studio fine arts explores the fundamental principles of color, design, and composition through creative expression and experimentation. You may choose to combine a studio fine arts minor with a major in communication, education, history, nursing, psychology, sociology, or another discipline. This will allow you to cultivate your artistic and creative talents as a complement to your major field.

Many professions benefit from people with creative skills, including art therapy, art history, art education, print and digital media, museum curation, publishing, or advertising.

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