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English/Communication Minors

American and British Literature

Literature enriches you as a person and gives you insight into human behavior. This minor complements majors in history and other languages, and it can also provide a humanistic dimension to majors in scientific and professional disciplines.

You can choose from courses in ancient and medieval world literature up to modern, postmodern, and postcolonial literature.


Well-honed communication skills are essential to success in the professional world and in life. The communication minor develops critical thinking, organization, and writing skills, which are valuable regardless of your major.

You will study communication theory, social media, and composition, and you can choose from a variety of electives in journalism, creative writing, public relations, public speaking, and grant writing.

This minor includes a required internship or field experience in public relations.

Film Studies

Minoring in film studies will introduce you to the critical analysis of film, a central form of visual culture. You will gain an appreciation for film as a form of artistic creation that connects with other disciplines in the humanities, such as literature, history, theology, sociology, and psychology.

Public Relations and Journalism

Whether you are majoring in English or another area, this minor will give you knowledge of and experience in publicity, public relations, and media relations. This minor includes a required internship or field experience in public relations. You can choose from electives in public speaking, feature writing, multimedia, web design, marketing, or cross-cultural communication.

Sports Communication

This minor will give you a foundation in communication theory, issues and trends in sports and fitness, sports psychology, and sports administration. You can choose from elective courses in media ethics and the law, social networking, public relations, public speaking, journalism, or writing from the web.

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