English, B.A. (optional 7-12 Certification)
Undergraduate Studies

Immaculata’s English major allows you to engage in lively discussions of literary works, learn different theories of literary criticism, develop your digital media proficiency, and participate in mentored research on topics that interest you.

Many people list reading as a favorite pastime. If you enjoy reading and discussing literary works by such authors as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, John Irving or Toni Morrison, consider a major in English.

Advanced literature and writing courses develop your critical thinking and writing skills while familiarizing you with classic and contemporary works.

You may choose one of three tracks in the English major:

  • English—a foundational major that prepares students for many fields that require critical thinking and writing proficiency, or for graduate or law school.
  • English with Secondary Education—leads to certification and provides practical experience in middle and high schools. You will need to complete classroom observation and student teaching requirements and fulfill the requirements for teacher certification.
  • Professional Writing—This new track will help you develop into an articulate, reflective writing professional with the problem-solving skills to understand and keep pace with cultural and technological change.



With small class sizes, you have the ability to collaborate with your advisor to create a hybrid major/minor in English and to explore the possibilities of an internship.

To gain practical experience, English majors can serve on the staff of the student newspaper, the Immaculatan or submit works to the literary magazine, Pilgrimages. Several national honor societies are also available for English majors including Sigma Tau Delta, an international collegiate honor society for students of English (IU’s chapter: Alpha Phi Sigma) and Alpha Psi Omega, a national honorary dramatic fraternity (IU’s chapter: Iota Nu Chapter).

One of the most popular aspects of the English program is the study abroad opportunities in conjunction with British and Irish literature courses. You may choose to participate in a program at various institutions in England, Ireland, Scotland, and more.

Where Can I Work?

An English major offers a solid foundation for many careers that rely on logical thought, clear communication, and a breadth of knowledge. The versatile skills you will develop are applicable to numerous fields, including law, business, publishing, marketing, government, media, education, development and the arts. Our alumni have been hired as editorial managers, communications directors, English professors, attorneys, digital marketers and more.

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