Theology, A.A.
Adult Professional Studies

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Being able to articulate what your faith means to you is a very personal achievement.

With an Associate of Arts in theology, you can also explain the substance of Christian belief in personal, religious, or professional settings. It will also prepare you to engage in critical reflection about contemporary threats to human dignity and to envision ways of transforming our world in keeping with values and commitments that are coherent with a Christian theological vision.


To enhance your learning experience, you may participate in Immaculata’s local chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa (TAK), a national honor society for students of theology and religious studies.

In addition, students have ample opportunity to engage in social justice initiatives and volunteer programs that have been the cornerstone of Immaculata’s existence since its founding.

Where Can I Work?

A degree in theology can prepare you for a variety of professional paths. Many graduates continue in a baccalaureate program while others pursue work in religious education, campus ministry, youth ministry, or pastoral administration.

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