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The Certification Office serves the entire university community seeking Pennsylvania Department of Education certification in programs offered by Immaculata University. These programs include: teacher preparation programs, school counselors, school psychologists, and school administrators.

Apply for Certification or Adding an Endorsement

To apply for certification or to add an endorsement, please view the attached Instructions.

Am I taking the correct test?

Important Praxis/PECT test information as of August 2022 (including test codes and test registration information).

School Counselor Certification

Teacher and School Administrator Certification

All teacher education programs offered at Immaculata University have been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Graduates who have successfully completed an approved program and have been recommended by Immaculata University are eligible for a Pennsylvania certificate to teach. Students not recommended for certification may appeal through the Campus Review Committee.

Immaculata University makes every effort to help students prepare to teach in a state other than Pennsylvania. Students are responsible for ascertaining the requirements of other states.

All continuing education students and transfer students seeking certification should contact the appropriate Education Division advisor upon admittance.

Information from the PA Department of Education (PDE):

  • Information regarding Emergency Permits can be found here: (See CSPG 13 – Emergency Permits (pa.gov))
  • The fastest way to reach PDE is their resource email account ra-edcertquestions@pa.gov. Please include your PPID when emailing PDE.
  • PK-4 certification holders can add on grades 5&6 with testing alone. Find information about what certifications can be added on with testing alone at Instructional Add-Ons (pa.gov)
  • Your certificate has important information on the back (p.2 if you print preview) which provides information on maintaining your certification. The Valid vs. Active chart explains the difference between valid and active and provides general information.

Additional resources from the PA Department of Education (PDE)’s website:

Please review the following websites for the most up-to-date information on requirements.

Guidelines and forms for fee waivers and retake exams

More Information

The Certification Office is located in Loyola Hall 226. For more information, contact Leah Bustraan, Certification Officer, at lbustraan@immaculata.edu or 484-323-3297.

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