Supervisor: Pupil Personnel Services Certification
Graduate Studies

This K-12 supervisory certification for pupil personnel services will equip you to:

  • Coordinate or supervise all pupil personnel service areas
  • Design and develop supporting materials, innovative and experimental processes, and programs affecting the delivery of pupil personnel services
  • Direct or conduct basic or applied research within pupil personnel service areas
  • Articulate pupil personnel services within instructional services

To be eligible for this administrative certification, you must have a minimum of five years of professional school experience in a pupil service area, such as an elementary or secondary school counselor, a school psychologist, a home and school visitor, or a school nurse.

You can complete this 21-credit program online.


Course Number

Course Title


EDL 615

Contemporary Professional Ethics


EDL 621



EDL 622

Curriculum and Instruction


EDL 623



EDL 626

School Community Relations


EDL 640

Instructional Accommodations


EDL 691

Practicum Experience


This certification requires a minimum of 360 hours of field experiences, including a practicum. Certification also requires satisfactory completion of state-mandated tests.

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