PreK-4, Certification
Graduate Studies

In addition to the 18 credits of required common courses, you will take the following courses. This master’s degree combined with a PreK-4 teaching certification is a 42-credit program.

Course Number Course Name Credits (24)
EDL 613 Testing and Assessment 3
EDL 617 Foundations of Education and Learning 3
EDL 620 Curriculum Applications 3
EDL 629 Introduction to Special Education 3
EDL 640 Instructional Accommodation 3
EDL 644 Language Arts Methods 3
EDL 592* Student Teaching 6

* By arrangement with the director of student teaching at least one year prior to this experience.

Field experience (or prior classroom experiences/equivalencies) are included in EDL 640.

Certification also requires satisfactory completion of state-mandated tests.

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