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Immaculata Named a “Best Bang for the Buck” College

A family walking on Immaculata University campus

Immaculata University has been named one of the northeast region’s “Best Bang for the Buck Colleges,” according to Washington Monthly’s annual college guide.

Washington Monthly’s website says that, unlike publications that rank colleges based on potentially misleading measures of wealth, exclusivity and prestige, they rank four-year institutions “based on their contribution to the public good in three broad categories: social mobility, research, and providing opportunities for public service. We also rank Best Bang for the Buck colleges, which help non-wealthy students obtain marketable degrees at affordable prices.”

To determine which colleges give students the most for their money, Washington Monthly examines data that relates to social mobility, or how likely low-income students are to earn more once they have a college degree. Many of Immaculata’s undergraduate students qualify for federal Pell grants, most of which are offered to families whose adjusted gross incomes are less than $50,000.

Immaculata’s healthy graduation rate, high number of Pell grant recipients who graduate with a bachelor’s degree, affordable net price, and manageable amount of student loan debt all contributed to the university’s inclusion on Washington Monthly’s rankings.

If you are ready to get an affordable, valuable degree that helps you land a profitable job, apply to Immaculata and file your FAFSA to see how much financial aid you could be awarded.

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