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Make the most of your summer! 3 reasons to take summer classes

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Want to be productive this summer? Consider taking an undergraduate class and feel a sense of accomplishment as you get a head start on the next school year. Credits you earn at Immaculata can help you finish your degree faster, whether you attend IU or another institution.

Study now, take the pressure off later

Taking a summer class could lighten your course load during the school year. Take advantage of summer courses to fulfill general education requirements in biology, business, chemistry, English composition, Spanish, psychology or music.

If you’re enrolled at another institution, check with your advisor there to confirm that courses you take at IU will transfer. IU is an accredited university, so in many cases, your credits will transfer easily.

Flexible online or hybrid options

Choose from three summer sessions:

  • Summer I – May 15 – July 3, 2023 (seven weeks)
  • Summer II – July 5 – August 17, 2023 (six weeks)
  • Full Summer – May 15 – August 17, 2023 (14 weeks)

Most classes are available online, giving you the flexibility to get a summer job, go on vacation or pursue other activities while still completing your coursework. Some classes are offered in a hybrid format or on Immaculata’s campus.

More time to focus

The relaxed pace of summer will help you focus on a challenging course. If you’re nervous about notoriously tough courses such as Anatomy and Physiology or Statistics, why not take them this summer when you’re free to give them more attention?

If you want some extra time to brush up on your business skills, or take a music or art class, now is the time.

Ready to make the most of your summer?

View summer undergraduate courses.

Learn more and register here.

Don’t delay! Online registration closes May 14 for the first summer session and the full session, and July 4 for the second session.


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