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LinkedIn’s In-Demand Skills Validate Immaculata University’s Commitment to Preparing Job-Ready Graduates

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When LinkedIn released its list of the most in-demand skills for 2024 earlier this year, it validated Immaculata University’s commitment to preparing students for today’s workforce.

Included in the top ten skills are communication, customer service, leadership, project management, management, analytics, teamwork, sales, problem-solving and research. According to LinkedIn, these are the skills most desired by employers when recruiting, posting and hiring for jobs over the past year.

It’s no surprise to find that communication skills claim the top spot on the list as they have long been essential qualifications for landing jobs. In the past, communication often meant writing letters, memos and reports. However, being able to convey ideas clearly, listen actively and collaborate with colleagues were, and continue to be, highly sought-after skills across professions.

Following closely behind communication are customer service and leadership skills, highlighting the enduring value of human-centric abilities. This emphasis contradicts the belief that artificial intelligence diminishes the value of these core competencies and instead, underscores their critical role in driving organizational success.

For over a century, Immaculata University has been addressing these sought-after soft skills with its comprehensive and holistic education approach. The curriculum not only supports the liberal arts but also educates students on how core competencies complement job requirements for in-demand careers. For example, since communication skills are so coveted by employers, students at lmmaculata hone their ability to convey ideas clearly and persuasively during their freshmen English composition course. To prepare students for real-world situations, communication majors can explore issues related to health, politics, business and intercultural communications.

Customer service, ranked second in demand, remains essential despite advancements in artificial intelligence within customer service-related jobs. The need for humans to solve problems in real time makes graduates with customer service skills very much in demand. Immaculata offers classes, such as retail management and marketing & entrepreneurship, which teach students the varied skills needed to become a professional within the vast customer service field.

Third on the list is leadership, which is vital for guiding organizations forward. Developing tomorrow’s ethical leaders is a top priority at lmmaculata University, and as such, leadership development is integrated across various disciplines. Courses focused on leadership for nurses, coaches, military personnel and executives, in conjunction with situational leadership classes related to crisis and global issues, prepare students to take on leadership roles.

Although project management has been a long-standing practice, it is a relatively new academic discipline. Immaculata’s bachelor’s degrees in supply chain management, marketing and business address issues related to project planning and implementation, ensuring graduates are equipped to handle projects of all sizes and complexity.

Research, critical for expanding knowledge, is fostered through events such as Posters Under the Dome, where students present their research to the campus community. Additionally, major-specific research symposiums provide platforms for students to engage with a broader audience. Faculty also facilitate research projects one-on-one with students or as part of a larger class assignment.

Beyond academics, students have abundant opportunities to hone essential skills through extracurricular activities, such as participating in student government, varsity sports, and campus ministry and taking on roles as resident assistants and admissions ambassadors. Immaculata offers numerous clubs and organizations, fostering experiences that nurture communication, customer service, project management, teamwork, problem-solving, sales, analytics and leadership abilities.

While employers prioritize the top 10 skills discussed above, LinkedIn identifies adaptability as the “skill of the moment” amid rapid change. Immaculata faculty member George Schwartz, Ed. D., who teaches a course on leadership dynamics, emphasizes that adaptability is an important component of leadership. “In class, we discuss how leaders must know when to ‘pivot’ in a new direction and do it in a manner that brings everyone along,” he explained.

lmmaculata University is dedicated to preparing individuals for the demands of the 21st-century workforce. By emphasizing human-centric skills, fostering adaptability, and providing innovative learning experiences, lmmaculata graduates exceed the expectations of employers in today’s dynamic job market.

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