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IU 2024 Graduate Profile: Nick Livolsi, B.S.

Nick Livolsi

In high school, Nick Livolsi ’24 demonstrated exceptional aptitude in mathematics and assumed responsibility for managing the financial records of his family’s business. Inspired by the trust placed in him by his father for such a crucial task, he decided to pursue a degree in accounting.

As he prepares to graduate in a few days with a degree in accounting and finance along with a minor in business administration, he reflects on his academic journey.

After four years at Immaculata, Livolsi feels well-prepared for his future career in the financial sector. His professors, who see potential in the Bensalem, Pennsylvania native, have been instrumental in Livolsi’s growth. For example, Elizabeth Faunce, Ph.D., C.F.P., professor of business, carefully assisted in planning his courses so that he could complete an optional 150-credit track, which meets the number of credits required to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Livolsi is on his way to earning his CPA license and explains that to receive his license, he needs to complete the four-part examination, earn 150 credits in relevant topics including finance and/or accounting and have approximately one year of professional work experience. He is grateful for Immaculata’s unique program that allows students to take credits beyond the 126 required for a bachelor’s degree. With this opportunity, he can satisfy the required extra credits by adding a second major in finance without having to enroll in a master’s program after graduating from Immaculata.

“The program that we have at Immaculata is really an advantage; I definitely recommend it,” Livolsi stated.  Few schools offer the opportunity for students to complete 150 credits in four years, a feat typically reserved for students who continue into master’s programs, incurring additional time and expenses. Livolsi emphasized that this program allows students to achieve the same in just four years, by taking extra classes along the way. He firmly believes it provides a significant advantage over other college programs.

That advantage already paid off when he was accepted into a selective internship program during the summer of 2023 at the Philadelphia office of PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the largest global public accounting firms. He vividly remembers the first day he and other interns arrived at the office. “We all sat in the same area, herded together. It was pretty funny,” he recalled. “We were all trying to figure out what we were supposed to be doing.” Livolsi figured it out because at the end of his internship, the firm offered him a full-time position as a tax associate.

All of Livolsi’s hard work reflects his work ethic. While at Immaculata, he served for three years as a Resident Assistant and was an active member of Campus Ministry and Delta Mu Delta business honor society. He also achieved dean’s list status every semester since his freshman year.

He readily admits that he enjoys learning and attending classes. His economics courses opened him up to a broader understanding and perspective of business. He now has a better comprehension of how people make decisions and interact with one another within the economy. Livolsi’s Current Issues in Finance class demonstrated the importance of keeping up to date on industry news. He explained that students read The Wall Street Journal cover-to-cover to find current events and present their findings each week.

Livolsi is confident that he’ll be prepared for his future career. “The number of different classes that you take provides relevant experience to be able to say, when you’re working in the field, ‘Oh yes, I remember this from class!'”

After graduation, Livolsi plans to earn his CPA license and finish his master’s degree in taxation or another relevant area.



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