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Immaculata University Nursing Students Exceed Average First-Time NCLEX Pass Rates

Justin Dossantos


Immaculata University’s Prelicensure B.S.N. students not only pass the national NCLEX nursing exam on their first attempt, they collectively pass at a higher rate than most other colleges in nation.

With a 90.48% first-time NCLEX pass rate for the 2021-22 academic year (the most current year available), Immaculata students ranked more than 10% higher than the national average of 79.92%. In addition, Immaculata student first-time NCLEX pass rates were 6% higher than the 84% average of all Pennsylvania colleges and universities and surpassed the 85.19% average for other southeastern Pennsylvania colleges.

Immaculata’s NCLEX first-time pass rates have surpassed the national average since 2017. What’s more, 100% of 2022 B.S.N. graduates who passed the NCLEX have nursing jobs.

Immaculata faculty help prepare pre-licensure nursing students for the NCLEX by offering resources that have proved effective. They launched the NCLEX Success Project, which provides students with the materials and support they need to prepare for the exam.

“This allows students to continue working and preparing themselves for NCLEX after graduation,” stated Celina Siwula, assistant professor for the Division of Nursing and director of the Prelicensure B.S.N. Program. “While it is a lot of work, we want them to keep moving forward which leads them to success.”

The high first-time pass rates prove that the NCLEX Success Project is working. Beyond the tangible resources, every nursing student is also assigned an advisor who helps guide and support them throughout the entire program. The advisor’s support is invaluable by helping students study, answering questions, and reassuring them that they are prepared and ready to succeed on the NCLEX.

With excellent faculty-to-student ratios, Immaculata nursing faculty can devote personalized attention to their students. For example, Justin Dossantos, a nursing major who graduated in 2022, was grateful for the extra time that his professor devoted to him when he was struggling. “She sat with me for over an hour after class one day exploring different study methods that would work best for me.”

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