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Make the most of your online college search: 7 tips

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Besides watching campus video tours and following social media channels, how can you get a sense of a college’s vibe without being physically present on its campus? You may have more options than you think. Here are a few ideas.

1. Ask for input

Ask your family members and friends what kind of campus environment they think you would thrive in. Small or large school? Urban or suburban campus? Close to home or a bit farther away?

2. Use your network

Reach out to older siblings, current students at the school, your guidance counselor, and anyone else you know who has a connection to the schools you’re interested in, and ask them about their experiences. Their firsthand perspective on the college will give you an inside look at what it’s really like.

3. Online events

Register for an online event and ask questions. For example, what does a typical day look like for students? What kinds of internships are available? What scholarships are you eligible for? Admissions counselors are eager to connect with you and answer your questions, whether through an online info session, a one-on-one chat or other opportunities.

4. Talk to current students

Ask an admissions counselor to put you in touch with a current student who is in your major, plays your sport or who shares other similarities with you. Make sure you ask students about a professor or coach who influenced them or gave them a helpful piece of advice.

5. Talk to professors

Ask if professors would be willing to talk with you via video call, email or phone. Develop a few questions to ask them about their field and their programs. As you talk, ask yourself if they seem like the kind of people you would enjoy learning from. Are they passionate about their discipline? Do they seem to care about mentoring students?

6. Talk to alumni

If you know what career you’re interested in, ask to talk to recent alumni in that field. How did the school prepare those alumni for entering the workforce? How did the alumni find their jobs—through an internship, a connection in their network, a career fair?

7. Interpret your findings

Once you’ve gathered some information about the college, assess the vibe of the campus community. Does it seem like the kind of place that will support you and help you succeed?

At Immaculata, we strive to be that kind of place for our students. Sign up for an online admissions event to learn more about the support Immaculata can offer you as you take classes, choose a major and enter your career.

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