Alumni Association Awards

To honor Immaculata University’s Centennial year in 2020, the award cycle will be on hiatus, returning in 2021.

The Awards

The Alumni Medal was reinstated by the Alumni Board of Governors in November 1984. In 1991 the decision was made to expand the award process to more fittingly recognize the accomplishments and dedication of all of our alumni, at which time the Amethyst Award was created.  In April 2017, the Alumni Board of Governors instituted a new award to acknowledge achievements of recent alumni, the Scientia Floret Virtute Award, which was presented for the first time in 2018.

Award Eligibility

  • Nominees for all awards must be Immaculata University alumni, with either an undergraduate or graduate degree.
  • For the Scientia Floret Virtute Award, nominees must have graduated with their first degree from Immaculata University within the last 10 years.
  • Current members or outgoing members of the Alumni Association Board of Governors and Board of Trustees are not eligible for nomination.


Criteria for the Alumni Medal

The Alumni Medal is presented in recognition of outstanding volunteer service and support to Immaculata University.  The recipient exemplifies the goals and ideals of Immaculata University in her/his particular life and through devoted service advances the mission of the Alumni Association of Immaculata University.

Criteria for the Amethyst Award

The Amethyst Award is presented to an alumna/us in recognition of her/his outstanding contribution to or achievement in a church, community, or professional activity.  The recipient supports and exemplifies the goals and ideals, and demonstrates the value of an Immaculata University education.

Criteria for the Scientia Floret Virtute Award

The Scientia Floret Virtute Award recognizes a recent alumna or alumnus who has graduated within the last 10 years.  This award honors alumni who have made outstanding contributions to their profession, community, or service to Immaculata University while upholding the mission and values of Immaculata University.

Previous Alumni Medal Recipients

1985Margaret S. McKelvey ’28
1986Rose Marie Smith Harootunian ’49, ’85 M.A.
1987Sister Mary of Lourdes McDevitt, I.H.M., Ph.D.
1988Winifred McSorley Allen ’37
1989Margaret Martin Roach ’51
1990Margaret O’Donnell Donohue ’73
1991Joan Hefton Lynn ’49
1992Catherine Loeper Cook ’29
1993Rita Ryan Harkins Callahan ’44
1994Jeanne M. Gelbach ’66
1995Stella M. di Toro ’39
1996Mary Chialastri Rigolizzo ’34
1997Ann Yeager Daly ’44
1998Jeanne A. di Toro ’47
1999Joan Stephens Healy ’48
2000Rosemarie Gallo ’81, ’92 M.A.
2001Monique Adams Coval ’82
2002Carolyn Johnson DiFilippo ’86
2003Carolyn Fagan ’80
2004Cecile Sullivan Blanche ’55
2005Mary Daly Gallagher ’44
2006Mary Carole Barringer ’82
2007Bernadette L. Maguire ’57
2008Jo Anne L. McAdams ’84, ’87 M.A., ’96 Ed.D.
2009Sally Tamburello Winterton ’68, Ed.D.
2010Mary Elizabeth Devine, Esq. ’89
2011Dorothy Walsh Kelly ’49
2011Lisa A. Dougherty, Esq. ’02
2012Edith M. Petillo ’75
2013Dianne Majer Mundy ’64
2014Barbara Crea Shannon ’70
2015Berenice Carroll Mauch ’47
2016Clarita Rapagnani Landaiche ’61
2017Sara Pletcher ’08
2018Mary Louise Cassidy Kramer, Esq., ’70

Previous Amethyst Award Recipients

1992Maureen H. McCullough ‘75, J.D.
1993Sister Anna Polcino ’48, S.C.M.M., M.D.
1994Edith McGarry Cunnane ’64
1995Florence McCrystal Dalton ’49
1996E. Gail de Planque ‘67, Ph.D.
1997Phyllis Bellopede ’82
1998Emily Jordan Kirsch ’54
1999Jo Anne L. McAdams ’84, ’87 M.A., ’96 Ed.D.
2000Sister M. Cor Immaculatum Connors, I.H.M. ’48
2001Mary Crowley McDonald ‘66, Ed.D.
2002Rosemary Duddy McFadden ’46
2003Catherine Shipman Gavin ’68
2004Eileen Monahan Chopnick ’73
2005Iris Roberta Maloney ’79
2006Mary Quinn Miller ’46
2007Alvina DeLazzari Long ’57
2008Margaret O’Donnell Donohue ’73
2009Mary Carole Barringer ’82
2010Michael V. Ziccardi ’03, ’08 M.A.
2011Patricia Crea LaRocco ‘71, M.D.
2012Judith Graham Jester Durante ’87
2013Margaret Monahan Hogan ‘63, Ph.D.
2014Peggy Ann Behm ’81
2015Kathleen James ’74
2016Dr. Patricia Bomba ’72
2017Susan Jezsik Varlamoff ’71
2018Norma Hall Brown ’85

Previous Scientia Floret Virtute Award Recipients

2018Paul McAndrew ’10, ’15 M.A.

Previous Award Recipients

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