Credit for Prior Learning

As an adult student going back to college, you have the benefit of life experience and work experience. This will not only help you in your classes—it may decrease the number of classes you have to take.

Credit for Prior Learning Saves you Time and Money

Reduce the cost of your degree and finish sooner with Credit for Prior Learning (CPL). Immaculata University’s CPL program allows you to earn academic credit for learning experiences outside of the classroom.

Immaculata accepts CPL as long as learning experiences are deemed to be at the college level. Generally, 30 hours of training is equivalent to one academic credit. Normally, Immaculata accepts CPL credits of no more than half of a student’s required credits, a maximum of 63 credits for most bachelor’s degree programs.

CPL is an inexpensive way to get closer to earning a degree. At $10 per credit, Immaculata’s fee is one of the lowest available from any institution. Let us help you capitalize on your past and plan for your future.

These experiences may include:

  • Workplace training
  • Technical/secretarial schools
  • Electronics/computer training
  • Military training
  • Bible school coursework
  • Adult, evening, or non-credit programs
  • Professional licensures

Earning Credit

Option 1: Tested CPL

  • CLEP exams—CLEP exams are offered through many colleges, including Immaculata. View a list of CLEP test dates below.
  • Excelsior (Regents) College Examinations (ECE)
  • DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support) exams
  • Challenge exams—Please contact the College of Adult Professional Studies to assist you in arranging an exam with a specific academic department at Immaculata.

Option 2: Accredited or Reviewed Training

Provide documentation, such as a certificate or letter from an employer or training supervisor, to give evidence of the training you have received. Include the type or title of training, the facility, the dates, clear verification that you have completed the training, and the total number of training hours.

Immaculata University accepts the following types of accredited training:

  • Accredited trade or technical school training
  • Military training
  • Regionally or professionally accredited training providers
  • Training experiences evaluated by American Council on Education (ACE) or National Program on Non-collegiate Sponsored Instruction (PONSI)

Option 3: Faculty-Reviewed Learning

Provide documentation, as listed above under Option 2, for experiences such as:

  • On-the-job training
  • Non-accredited training programs

Option 4: Life Learning Portfolio

Contact Immaculata to discuss the eligibility requirements to apply for credit through submission of a life learning portfolio. The documentation must show evidence of college-level understanding, theoretical foundation, learning experiences and applications, and subject matter expertise.

Registering for CLEP

1) Register for your test through the College Board CLEP website.

2) Submit a $40 check made payable to Immaculata University and mail to Immaculata University c/o College of Adult Professional Studies, Attn: CAPS – CLEP Testing, Good Counsel – T2, Immaculata, PA 19345. Please enclose the Immaculata CLEP Registration Form.

3) Two weeks prior to your test date you will be emailed a confirmation and directions to Immaculata University. If you register within two weeks of the test date, please call 484-323-3238 to confirm availability.

Upcoming Testing Dates

All tests are held on Saturday’s at 9am.

  • Saturday, June 13th, 2020 – CANCELLED


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