Middle States Self-Study

2024 Middle States Self-Study

Middle States Commission on Higher Education Accreditation

In Fall 2021, Immaculata University began an intensive process of self-review and evaluation. This period of research, analysis, and reflection lays the groundwork for the college’s re-accreditation review by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Accredited institutions are expected to demonstrate compliance with the seven MSCHE Accreditation Standards and 15 Requirements of Affiliation. The standards emphasize the centrality of the institution’s mission to planning and decision-making, including determinations about programmatic offerings and resource allocation.

The MSCHE Accreditation Process invites the university to examine itself against external criteria of excellence to demonstrate the institution’s compliance with standards for accreditation, requirements of affiliation, policies and procedures, and applicable federal regulatory requirements.

The 2024 Middle States Self-Study process will be led by the Coordinating Team:

  • Kelly Stalker (Co-Chair)
  • Sister Judith Parsons (Co-Chair)
  • Sister Ann Heath (Accreditation Liaison)
  • Mary Kate Boland (Coordinator)
  • Angela Tekely (Coordinator)

Why does Accreditation Matter?

  • Accredited institutions have access to federal grant money for faculty and financial aid for students.
  • Credits are more easily transferred to four-year schools.
  • Teaching and research efforts of the faculty are legitimized.
  • The process invites the College to consider: How are we doing?

How does MSCHE accreditation work?

The Commission is a voluntary, non-governmental, membership association that defines, maintains, and promotes educational excellence across institutions with diverse missions, student populations, and resources. It examines each institution as a whole, rather than specific programs within institutions.

Steering Committee
Sister Judith Parsons Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Kelly Stalker Professor/Department Chair of Health, Nutrition & Exercise Sciences
Mr. Sergio Aclo Manager of Online Learning
Ms. Mary Kate Boland Dean of Academic Affairs
Sister Carol Anne Couchara Professor of Education/Dissertation Support Manager
Ms. Janelle Cronmiller Associate Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator
Sister Ann Heath Professor and Director of Higher Education
Dr. Erin Kirschmann Associate Professor Psychology and Counseling
Dr. Patricia Knecht Board of Trustee Member
Dr. Kelly Orlando Professor of Biology
Ms. Cecelia Oswald Director of Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Dr. Marcia Parris Dean of College of Graduate Studies
Dr. Josh Weikert Associate Professor/Department Chair of Civic Engagement
Ms. Jane Wilson Budget Director
Dr. Judith Witt Board of Trustees Member
Ms. Lydia Szyjka Director of Communications
Dr. Angela Tekely Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost
Working Group 1: Standard I
Sister Carol Ann Couchara Chair of Working Group; Professor of Education/Dissertation Support Manager
Ms. Leah Bustraan Collaborative Lead; Director of Student Teaching & Certification Officer
Dr. M.E. Jones Professor of Applied Technology and Mathematics
Ms. Alexa Milano Associate Director of Admissions
Dr. David Martinson Professor of Psychology and Counseling
Ms. Karen Matweychuk Director of Alumni Relations
Ms. Jill Seacrist Bursar
Working Group 2: Standard II
Dr. Joshua Weikert Chair of Working Group; Associate Professor/Department Chair Civic Engagement
Dr. Maria Cuddy-Casey Collaborative Lead; Professor of Psychology and Counseling
Ms. Danielle Conway Human Resource Generalist
Sister Susan Cronin Professor of Biology
Ms. Jenny Lindsay Director of Resident Life and Housing
Ms. Dina Stern Director of Financial Aid
Dr. Jane Tang Professor of Nursing/Division Chair
Working Group 3: Standard III
Dr. Kelly Orlando Chair of Working Group; Professor of Biology
Dr. Dawn Kriebel Collaborative Lead; Professor of Psychology and Counseling
Ms. Darcey Doyle Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Kelly Doyle Assistant Professor of Education
Dr. Mark Hammons Assistant Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Ms. Elyssa Mulcahy Instructional Designer, Online Learning
Ms. Jennifer Peruso Executive Director of Learning Support Services
Dr. Cristina Tansey Assistant Professor/Assistant Director of Prelicensure BSN Program
Working Group 4: Standard IV
Dr. Marcia Parris Chair of Working Group; Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Ms. Kate Kearney Collaborative Lead; Executive Director of Center for Undergraduate Advising
Ms. Kathy Memmo Associate Director of Center for Undergraduate Advising
Ms. Chrissy Rhine Executive Director of Admissions
Ms. Sandra Rollison Associate Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Ms. Zena Tracy Adult Non-Traditional Admissions Counselor
Dr. Luna Zhang Professor of Chemistry
Working Group 5: Standard V
Dr. Erin Kirschmann Chair of Working Group; Associate Professor Psychology and Counseling
Dr. Laurie DiRosa Collaborative Lead; Professor of Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Science
Ms. Heidi Harrison Director of Career and Professional Development
Sister Donna Kelley Professor of Psychology and Counseling/Director of Psy.D. Program
Dr. Karen Miscavage Assistant Professor of Education/Director MA-EDL
Ms. Lynn Rothenhoefer Associate Dean of Students
Working Group 6: Standard VI
Ms. Jane Wilson Chair of Working Group; Budget Director
Dr. Elizabeth Faunce Collaborative Lead; Professor of Business, Fashion and Leadership
Mr. Kevin Convery Director of Facilities
Dr. Tom O’Brien Director of Sponsored Research & Professor Emerita
Mr. Paul Murphy Director of Athletics and Recreation
Working Group 7: Standard VII
Ms. Janelle Cronmiller Chair of Working Group; Associate Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator
Ms. Joanne Cristinzio Collaborative Lead; Director of Finance/Controller
Sister Monica Acri Assistant Professor of Psychology and Counseling
Ms. Peggy Behm Board of Trustees Chair
Dr. Pam Hudson Associate Professor of Nursing/Director of MSN Program
Dr. Jean Shingle Dean of Undergraduate Academic Administration
Working Group 8: Writing
Ms. Mary Kate Boland Chair of Writing Group; Dean of Academic Affairs
Ms. Allison Duncan Associate Director of Marketing and Communication
Working Group 9: Technology
Mr. Sergio Aclo Chair of Technology Group; Manager, Online Learning
Working Group 10: Evidence
Ms. Cecelia Oswald Chair of Evidence Group; Director of Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Ms. Sue Ross Finance and Business Operations Administrator
Working Group 11: Communication
Ms. Lydia Szyjka Chair of Communication Group; Director of Communications

High Level Timeline

Fall 2021 Self-Study Institute and Core Team meetings
December 2021 Steering Committee Meeting
January/February 2022 Meeting with MSCHE VP, Assemble Work Groups, Begin to draft Self-Study Design (SSD)
May 2022 SSD Completed
June 2022 Self-Study Prep Visit with MSCHE VP
Fall 2023 Self-Study Report submitted (2 weeks before Chair visit)
Winter 23/24 Self-Study Report finalized and shared with IU community
Spring 2024 Final Self-Study Report submitted (6 weeks before team visit), Self-Study Evaluation Team Visit


Major Milestones for Accreditation

August 26, 2021 Presidents selects and announces Self-Study co-chairs
October 2021 Designated leadership team participates in Self-Study Institute
November 20, 2021 President appoints Steering Committee
December 17, 2021 Steering Committee First Meeting
January 14, 2022 Remote Self-Study Preparation Discussion by Dr. Terence Peavy, MSCHE VP with Immaculata MSCHE Core Team
February 3, 2022 President appoints and announces Work Groups
Week of February 14th Work Group Initial Meetings
February 16, 2022 Executive Administration approved Institutional Priorities
May 6, 2022 Self-Study Design draft sent to MSCHE Liaison
June 9, 2022 Self-Study Preparation Virtual Visit with Dr. Terence Peavy, MSCHE Vice President for Institutional Field Relations
July 8, 2022 Self-Study revised document sent to MSCHE Liaison
July 18, 2022 Final approval of Self-Study Design document from MSCHE
November 28, 2023 Preliminary MSCHE site visit
March 24-27, 2024 MSCHE site visit


Questions and comments regarding the MSCHE Accreditation may be directed to msche@immaculata.edu.

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