Strategic Agenda

Immaculata University Strategic Plan: 2017-2022

I. Academic Programming Innovations

  • Develop new distinctive undergraduate and graduate academic programs consistent with the mission and goals of the university.
  • Provide students with high quality educational programs by offering effective instruction in a student-centered learning environment using multiple delivery formats and technology.
  • Develop continuing education programs at all levels, including academic offerings, personal enrichment and professional licensing courses.
  • Obtain and retain national, regional, state and specialized accreditations.
  • Increase opportunities for student participation in research and scholarships.
  • Promote an educational environment that values contributions from all teaching faculty. Cultivate new and expand the scope of current relationships with partnering universities to include opportunities for articulation, learning, research and teaching opportunities.
  • Advance the Catholic Identity, Catholic Intellectual Tradition and Catholic Social Teaching across all departments in practical and specific ways.

II. Student Engagement/Retention

  • Develop a comprehensive retention plan that ensures academic success by focusing on retention, recruitment and timely graduation.
  • Develop relationships with leading employers in the public and private sectors to provide internships and help graduates achieve gainful and timely employment.
  • Improve retention by targeting proactively our most at-risk constituencies with effective, directed monitoring leveraging technology and specialized support from pre- matriculation to graduation
  • Increase student engagement with their residence hall community
  • Examine, expand and broaden opportunities to ensure a vibrant and engaged student life (campus ministry/student leadership/athletics and recreation)
  • Develop and implement a diversity and inclusion plan
  • Develop activities, programs and outreach that intentionally relate to the formation of students to develop holistically while being empowered to seek truth and promote justice.

III. Enrollment Management Strategic Plan

  • Attract more students to Immaculata University through increased marketing in our region and globally, with an emphasis on raising visibility, building reputation, using and improving on IU’s unique academic programs and approach to the classroom to promote the institution, and extending our marketing ‘power’ through diversified and innovative marketing techniques.
  • Improve admissions processes, from recruitment to registration, to ensure that the Immaculata University experience begins from the first ‘touch’.
  • Collaborate with educational institutions, government agencies, and businesses to enhance recruitment efforts.
  • Improve Access and Opportunity for Traditional and Non-traditional Students
  • Ensure that a Immaculata University education remains affordable and accessible
  • Increase financial aid to achieve optimum enrollment and increase net tuition revenue
  • Mission focused training for Admissions ambassadors and Counselors periodically.

IV. University Visibility Improvements

  • Reach and recruit more potential undergraduate and graduate students with improved and cost effective traditional media advertising.
  • Reach and recruit more potential undergraduate and graduate students with improved and cost effective online and interactive marketing and advertising activities in support of graduate and undergraduate recruiting and institutional advancement;
  • Expand efforts to promote the University- with an emphasis on faculty, student and alumni achievements – using social media and other electronic media and marketing tools. “public relations”
  • Increase the exposure of all stakeholders to university educational programs
  • Launch the Centennial Celebration
  • Intentionally promote the IHM charism to students, faculty, staff, parents and the greater community.

V. Facility and Technology Improvements

  • Enhance the physical facilities and technology infrastructure to better support the University’s mission
  • Improve the student experience through student housing, dining, Counseling Center, Student Health Center, computing lab and classroom resources, and environmental and technological upgrades.
  • Ensure a safe and secure campus environment.

VI. Capital Funding

  • Goal is to increase unrestricted annual giving to $1M in 3 years.
  • Increase alumni engagement to 1500 donor’s year over year.
  • Increase new donors to 300 year over year
  • Build a major gift program in support of the University Strategic Plan and raise $5M in restricted facility funding.
  • Seek grant funding to supplement donor gifts and for capital, science, and scholarship related needs.

VII. Financial Control

  • Increase the university’s academic and operational efficiency by strategically optimizing the costs to deliver various programs and services.
  • Engage university leadership in optimizing academic offerings and revenue streams to achieve strategic initiatives.
  • Maintain institutional financial stability aligning revenues and costs, improving budgeting and forecasting, ensuring prudent investments, reviewing contractual agreements, completing risk assessments and ensuring best practices for banking, cash flow and fraud prevention.

VIII. Organizational Culture & Talent Management

  • Promote campus-wide integration of our Catholic mission, supported by the IHM charism, to drive and strengthen the Immaculata community.
  • Support diversity as a campus value through such activities as hiring, professional development and engagement to increase greater overall inclusiveness throughout campus.
  • Attract, engage and retain a dynamic and diverse workforce by targeting the right talent and developing the best performers, while ensuring an exceptional employee experience for everyone.
  • Manage and retain strategies and programs that enhance the health and well-being of all constituents of the Immaculata community.

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