Graduate Financial Aid

Graduate students are eligible for federal student aid. You must be accepted to the University in a degree-seeking program, have completed the financial aid application process, and be enrolled at least half-time (4.5 credits).

Aid-Eligible Programs

To determine which types of aid your educational program qualifies for, please review our graduate program financial aid eligibility list. This information is found in the Graduate Catalog.


How to Apply

For an easy step-by-step guide, please review our How to Apply section.


Federal Direct Loan Program

The most common form of assistance for graduate students is the Federal Direct Loan program.


Federal Direct PLUS Loan and private educational loans

The Federal Direct PLUS Loan and private educational loans allow you to seek additional assistance beyond the Federal Direct Loan. We suggest applying for the Federal Direct PLUS Loan Program before applying for private educational loans.


Graduate Scholarships

A limited number of merit scholarships (consisting of course tuition waivers) are available each academic year for both master’s and doctoral degrees. To apply, you must be enrolled as a matriculated student in a degree-seeking program at Immaculata. If you seek a certification/certificate only, you are not eligible for a scholarship.

You must have completed at least nine credits in your area of concentration and a total of 15 credits at Immaculata. Also, you must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.8. Applications are available in the graduate office.


Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of full or partial graduate assistantships are available annually. These provide for tuition reduction and a stipend. Students are required to provide service under the tutelage of a faculty or administrative mentor. Further details, including the application and assistantship requirements, are available in the graduate office.


Financial Aid Advisors

If you have questions about financial aid, please contact the appropriate advisor based on the first letter of your last name.

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