Health Care Management, B.S.
Nursing and Health Professions

At a Glance

  • Program: Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management (degree completion program)
  • Audience: Undergraduate adult learners with prior transferable college credits
  • Format: Online; 7-week accelerated classes
  • Next Start Date: July 5, 2023
  • Cost: $465 per credit
  • Time to Completion: Approximately two to four years, depending on credits transferred

Work with medical practitioners to plan and manage quality health care and improve patient outcomes.

Enhance your management skills to assist health care providers with delivering patient-focused care. Whether you currently work in health care or want to transition into the industry, Immaculata University’s health care management program enables you to:

  • Solve problems in health care delivery while considering legal, regulatory and ethical issues
  • Use technology effectively to manage health information
  • Develop financial skills to handle budgets
  • Analyze data to plan and assess outcomes

Opportunities and Outcomes

Career Outlook

Medical and health services managers are in high demand, with much faster than average job growth and a median salary of $101,340, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Job titles include:

  • Hospital administrator
  • Medical practice manager
  • Nursing home administrator (additional coursework required by Pennsylvania)

You may also pursue careers in medical supply or pharmaceutical companies, health care management companies, health insurers or health care policy organizations.

Program Highlights

Course Overview


Major Courses (54 Credits)

  • BUSL 378 Team Leadership and Coaching – 3 credits
  • HCM 201 Medical Terminology – 3 credits
  • HCM 302 Contemporary Issues in Health Care – 3 credits
  • HCM 340 Legal/Social Aspects of Health Care – 3 credits
  • HCM 311 Health Care Information Systems – 3 credits
  • HCM 306 Human Resource Management in Health Care Settings – 3 credits
  • HCM 314 Financial Accounting in Health Care Systems – 3 credits
  • HCM 315 Financial Reporting in Health Care Systems – 3 credits
  • HCM 321 Leadership in Health Care – 3 credits
  • HCM 326 Community Relations in Health Care – 3 credits
  • ORBH 315 Capstone Proposal Design – 3 credits
  • ORBH 325 Research and Analysis Using Statistics – 3 credits
  • ORBH 395 Capstone Synthesis & Presentation – 3 credits
  • COM 355 Effective Business Communication in the Digital Age – 3 credits
  • ENG 242 Writing for Applied Research – 3 credits
  • PHI 384 Organizational Ethics – 3 credits
  • THE 335 or THE 381 Christian Faith in Action or Foundations of Spiritual Freedom – 3 credits
  • CCS 341 Cultural Modes of Expression – 3 credits

Liberal Arts Core 36 Credits (18 Fulfilled By Major)

  • Composition (Writing) (3 credits satisfied by ENG 242) – 6 credits
  • Natural & Physical World (Lab Science) – 3 credits
  • Quantitative Reasoning (Mathematics) (3 credits satisfied by ORBH 325) – 3 credits
  • Human Creativity (Art, Literature, Music) – 3 credits
  • Social Consciousness (Sociology, Psychology, Economics) (3 credits satisfied by COM 355) – 3 credits
  • Historical Consciousness (History) – 3 credits
  • Global Society (Foreign Language/Culture) (3 credits satisfied by CCS 341) – 3 credits
  • Pursuit of Faith (Religion/Theology) (3 credits satisfied by THE 381 or THE 385) – 6 credits
  • Pursuit of Wisdom (Philosophy) (3 credits satisfied by PHI 384) – 6 credits

Electives 54 Credits

Total 126 Credits

Admissions Requirements

You can apply to Immaculata’s adult professional programs in four simple steps. If you have questions, please contact us via or by phone at 484-323-3060.

While I enjoyed a successful career as an administrator in the health care field, advancement opportunities were somewhat limited. Through my studies in program, I gained insight into many things that helped in the day-to-day operations within my organization. Specifically, the leadership and organizational dynamics courses are essential for anyone in a management role. Working in a highly regulated environment, I found coursework related to legal and ethical issues to be invaluable.

Linda Wilmot ’17

Director of Operations, Willow Tree Hospice

Student Spotlight

Robert Brockenbrough

Robert Brockenbrough ’22 enhanced his skills as a police officer by completing a B.S. in emergency planning and management.  Read more.

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