Criminology, B.A.
Undergraduate Studies

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Do you find yourself reading true crime stories? Are you fascinated by the criminal mind?

As a subgroup of sociology, the field of criminology involves every vital area of human interaction. From issues of social justice to urban life, social stratification, and family relations, criminology provides insight into the human condition.

A Bachelor of Arts degree in criminology gives you an opportunity to practice social justice. You can choose a career in law and advocacy, management and personnel, or any of the allied criminal justice fields.


If you choose criminology as a major or minor you will have the opportunity to join Phi Tau, the local chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society. In addition, you will be encouraged to secure an internship, which are optional but highly recommended, because of the rich opportunity they provide to combine classroom knowledge with work experience.

Where Can I Work

A criminology major opens doors to a range of careers in law, social services, correctional systems, criminal justice administration, and government. The major also provides a foundation for graduate work in law, social work, sociology, public policy and criminal justice.

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