Social Work, B.A.
Undergraduate Studies

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a career as a social worker? If you’re interested in learning about a wide range of human behavior and development, interaction, socialization, research and counseling, consider pursuing a Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.). The program prepares students for entry-level, professional, social work practice and for graduate school in social work and social justice.


Students learn to practice as professional social workers assisting individuals, families, groups and communities as we combine classroom learning with field education. This opportunity to gain real-world experience prepares students for positions such as caseworker or mental health assistant. These programs teach students about diverse populations, human behavior, social welfare policy, and ethics in social work. To gain experience in the field, students complete a supervised internship.

Where Can I Work

A social work degree prepares students for service positions in a wide variety of practices, such as caseworker, healthcare, mental health and family services. Many students continue to pursue a graduate degree in social work, criminal justice, forensics, law and clinical social work for private practice. Also many work as practitioners for non-profit agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, mental health clinics, schools or businesses.

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