Pre-Veterinary Minor
Undergraduate Studies

Develop A Strong Foundation To Get Accepted Into Veterinary School And Thrive In The Field

Admission to veterinary school is highly competitive. Working in the veterinary field comes with its share of difficult, and often messy, responsibilities! However, it is a career that is ideal for many animal lovers. If you have a passion for animals and have patience, a strong stomach, and the ability to handle the aspects of the job, a career in veterinary medicine could be the perfect career for you.

The pre-vet minor at Immaculata is carefully designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully gain admission to veterinary school and to help you thrive as a veterinary physician.

While at IU, you pursue a major in your selected interest (typically biology or chemistry) with the addition of the pre-vet minor. This combination will insure that you enroll in the appropriate courses to satisfy veterinary school admission requirements. You will also receive direction and advice from your advisor regarding the next steps you should be taking to prepare for application to veterinary school.

In addition to the requirements of the biology or chemistry majors, highlights of the pre-vet minor include:

  • Special problems—clinical experience and shadowing
  • Animal behavior
  • Principles of physiology

Immaculata alumni have been accepted to these veterinary programs:

  • Atlantic Veterinary College at University of Prince Edward Island
  • Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

Medical School Basic Prerequisites

  • 12 credits of Biology – Including Genetics
  • 16 credits of Chemistry – Including Biochemistry & Organic Chemistry
  • 8 credits of Physics
  • 6-8 credits Calculus and/or Statistics
  • A minimum of 24 semester hours is required in areas of humanities ( History, Foreign Language, Philosophy, Arts, etc), social science (Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Anthropology, etc.)  and behavioral science (Psychology, etc.).
  • 6 credits of English composition and literature


We had weekly presentations from professionals working in the most fascinating careers in biology, granting students an in-depth look at a day in the life of potential careers. Every professor seemed to have an interesting project or research opportunity in the works, and it was not uncommon to find a huddle of them discussing it in the halls and welcoming student input. For four years I studied (and napped) in the library, threw Frisbees on the grass, participated in flash mobs in the dining hall and laughed too loudly in the halls of the biology wing. I always knew I had an infallible support system built of my wonderful biology and chemistry professors and my fellow peers.

Kate Crossman ’14

Emergency Veterinarian, Metropolitan Veterinary Associates

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