Political Science and International Relations, B.A.
Undergraduate Studies

Explore Political Science at Immaculata University

Political science is about far more than the study of governments, public policy, and elections: it is a highly versatile and engaging liberal arts discipline that expands your knowledge of the political and social world around you.

You can expect to become a sophisticated observer of—and an active participant in—the political sphere, both domestically and internationally.

Immaculata’s major in politics and international relations will empower you to be an active citizen of the world!


Participating in internships with elected officials, advocacy groups, political campaigns, businesses, and law firms, you’ll gain real-world experience that will help you secure your professional future.

You can study abroad to gain international experience like Immaculata students have done over the years. In addition, you can join the International Relations Society of Immaculata University.

Where Can I Work?

Your background in politics and international relations and your internship will position you to deal with issues such as education, law and criminal justice, homeland security, management of environmental resources, demographics and immigration, urban planning and transportation.

Career options include law; government service; criminal justice; public administration; international business; teaching; lobbying; journalism; non-profit organizations and advocacy groups; corporations responding to government regulations; and social services.

Our alumni have secured jobs in a variety of political arenas, including the Maryland governor’s office; the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; and the Pennsylvania Senate and House of Representatives.

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