Nursing Education Concentration, Higher Education Ed.D.
Graduate Studies

Nursing Education Concentration

This optional concentration equips nurses to become qualified faculty at the collegiate level who can teach in both the classroom and clinical settings. You must be a registered nurse (R.N.) and hold a Master of Science in Nursing to enroll in this concentration.

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Program Highlights

Hybrid Instructional Delivery

In a 14-week semester, faculty members teach in a blended format, which is half face-to-face and half online. You will attend face-to-face classes every other week.

This 60-credit program is designed to be completed in four years. You will take six credits or two courses per semester.

Study Higher Education and Specialize in Nursing Education

The foundational curriculum allows you to study all aspects of higher education. The specialty courses in nursing education cover various concerns related to the field of nursing, helping you develop knowledge and skills specific to this discipline.

Dissertation Research Support

You will focus your research on critical issues in nursing education. Your dissertation committee chair will be a highly qualified scholar-practitioner with a background in nursing or a related field.


Specialty Courses for the Nursing Education Concentration: 15 Credits

These courses replace the elective specialty courses in the general Higher Education Ed.D. program.

  • HED 770 Program Development & Evaluation in Nursing Education (3)
  • HED 771 Instructional Design & Curriculum Development in Nursing Education (3)
  • HED 772 Learning Theory & Practice for Classroom & Clinical Nursing Education (3)
  • HED 765 Advanced Topics in Nursing Education (3)
  • HED 773 Advanced Scientific Inquiry in Nursing & Health Care (3)


You will complete a practicum in an area of nursing education, nursing education administration, or nursing education leadership.

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