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There is no doubt that chemistry, the study of matter, touches upon every aspect of life. Learning the properties of matter, the composition, structure, behavior and changes that atoms and molecules undergo, unlocks a deeper awareness of the world around us.

Chemistry majors are encouraged to pursue internship opportunities and to engage in student research. Participating in research allows students to grow in the use of laboratory techniques, to gain hands-on laboratory experience, and to cultivate a familiarity with and ease of use of analytical instruments and to develop and test scientific hypotheses.

In addition to the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in chemistry, students may also choose from:

  • Chemistry B.A. with Secondary Education Certification
  • Chemistry B.A. with Minor in Information Systems
  • Chemistry B.A. with Minor in Business Administration

Our B.A. and B.S. programs provide students with the basis for graduate study or professional training in medical school.


You’ll have opportunities to participate in clubs and professional organizations, such as the Bio-Chem Club, Sigma Zeta National Science and Mathematics Honor Society, and the American Chemical Society (ACS) where students can attend events offered by the Philadelphia chapter. Students can benefit from the expertise of the chemistry faculty by participating in research projects with faculty members.

Where Can I Work

Possible career fields include research, industry, education, medicine, allied health, and nutrition. Chemists work in areas such as academic, industrial, or government research, as well as quality control laboratories, pharmaceutical sales, regulatory agencies and field stations. Utilizing scientific writing skills can also lead to employment in scientific publishing and abstracting.

Our recent alumni have been hired as laboratory analysts, chemistry teachers, and research technicians at companies such as PQ Corporation, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental and NMS Labs. Our alumni have also been accepted into pharmacy schools and graduate programs in chemistry.

Parsons Science Pavilion

Students in science lab working with Anatomage Table

Immaculata’s new Parsons Science Pavilion offers top-notch laboratories and equipment for exploring scientific concepts, conducting experiments and gaining research experience with faculty mentorship.

Sr. Cronin and Sydnie Panetta

Student Work Spotlight

3 Students Got Hands Dirty With Scientific Research This Summer

This summer, three students are getting their hands dirty with scientific research—growing fungi, studying yeast DNA and watching the movements of molecules.

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