COVID-19 Updates

Returning to Campus

Please check this page for updates and information on Immaculata’s response to the coronavirus outbreak as the situation continues to evolve.

Student COVID-19 Reporting Form

Students from all three colleges (CUS, CAPS, CGS) should use this form to report COVID-19 symptoms, exposure, and/or positive test. It will go to the appropriate offices and someone will contact you regarding further steps. Employees should continue to report this information directly to Human Resources.

Important Campus Contacts

Academics and Learning Support Services

Students having questions or concerns should reach out to Kate Commiksey, Director of Academic Advising (College of Undergraduate Studies & College of Adult Professional Studies) at, or Sandra Rollison, Assistant Dean (College of Graduate School) at

Faculty having questions or concerns should reach out to their Program Director, Division/Department Chair or Dean

Learning Support Services: Please contact Jennifer Peruso, Executive Director Learning Support Services, at or 484-323-3900.

Commencement 2020:

Business Office and Student Accounts

Student Accounts:

At this time, admittance to the Business Office will be by pre-arranged appointments only. We recommend making check and credit card payments online through SSIU, accessible in MyIU. Payments reflect real-time activity and help to prevent holds and late payment fees.

Students may view account information and make payments via SSIU located on MyIU. Alternately, checks may be mailed in or placed in the drop box located near the Business Office doors. For questions, email

Staff may send check requests via interoffice mail or use the drop box located near the Business Office doors. For questions, please contact the appropriate person via phone or email.

A/P checks that previously would have been picked up will be delivered by interoffice mail to the requestor.

Payroll checks will be mailed to the address on record.

Student Life

Residence Life & Housing: or 484-323-3130

Health & Counseling: or 484-323-3506

Campus Ministry: or 484-323-3573

Office of Student Life:

Athletics: or 484-323-3739

Dining: or 484-323-3041

Admissions and Financial Aid

Undergraduate: or 484-323-3060

Adult Undergraduate: or 484-323-3060

Graduate: or 484-323-3005

Financial Aid: or 484-323-3028

HR, Title IX, Campus Safety and General Questions

HR: or 484-323-3007

Title IX: or 484-323-3982

Campus Safety: 484-323-5555

General questions:

Summer and Fall 2021 Information

Updated 4/27/2021

New Student Orientation
Immaculata University is committed to providing new students a fun and safe experience at New Student Orientation (NSO) that will take place in July and August. Specific information about NSO I and II can be found here.

Will campus operate in-person for the summer and fall 2021 semester?
Yes. The University will continue to closely monitor the pandemic situation and implement current state and local safety guidance to make return to on-campus and in-person delivery of services a safe reality.

When is move-in day?
Students new to the University will move in on Friday August 27th, 2021, and students returning to the University will move in on Sunday August 29th. Students will be assigned to an appointment according to their room location, by Residence Life and Housing via IU email in advance of arrival.

Will all campus spaces be open for the 2021-2022 academic year?
Yes. Updates and details for each space, service and/or department will be updated throughout the summer and can be found online in the University Return to Campus Plan.

Can students apply for a COVID-19 remote accommodations to learn 100% remotely for the summer and fall 2021 semesters?
The University will not be providing full semester COVID-19 remote learning accommodations as previously provided. Students who need to isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19 or eligible under ADA will be eligible for remote learning accommodations. Students should contact Jen Peruso at

Will you be requiring students, faculty, or staff to be vaccinated for COVID-19?
As vaccine availability increases, particularly for those that are deemed high-risk or have an immunocompromised condition, many of our students, faculty and staff have or are being vaccinated. While we are not mandating vaccinations, we do encourage the IU community to explore this option as an additional safety precaution while continuing to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

Will I be required to attend in-person meetings?
Yes, you may be required to attend in-person meetings following proper physical distancing guidance. Virtual meetings and conferences are recommended instead of in-person meetings whenever the situation permits.

Will you be requiring faculty or staff to submit documentation of their COVID-19 vaccination?
Employees of the University will not be required to disclose their vaccination status at this time.

Will you be requiring CUS students to submit documentation of their COVID-19 vaccination?
Yes. As in the past, CUS students will be required to fill out the pre-entrance health form which includes prior immunization.

How will updates be communicated?
Updates will be shared on the Immaculata University webpage in the Return to Campus Plan. Faculty, staff, and students will receive updates through their University email accounts.

Updated: 4/14/21

Will COVID-19 vaccines be mandated?
No. Immaculata University will not mandate students, faculty, or staff to be vaccinated. However, with an overarching commitment to the health and safety of our entire IU campus community all members of the IU Community are strongly encouraged to follow the guidance of the CDC regarding the vaccine.

Will there be COVID-19 testing on campus or temperature checks?

Students must complete a self-monitoring checklist each day.

At this time, Immaculata University will not conduct daily temperature checks of faculty and staff at work locations. All members of the IU Community are asked to self-monitor by taking their own temperature each day.

Does Immaculata require students who have traveled or are from out of state to quarantine?

Immaculata adheres to all guidance from the PA state health department regarding out of state travel and arriving in PA.

Will the Bruder Center provide COVID-19 testing?

No, there will not be COVID-19 testing on campus. The Bruder Center can provide information on what steps students should take if they are concerned or would like to be tested.

Who do students notify if they have COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test?

Students who have been exposed to, or are experiencing symptoms of, or are ill due to COVID-19 should complete the COVID-19 REPORTING FORM or contact Elise Girard, Director of Student Health Services at 484-323-3500 or immediately. RLH will then ensure the student has a safe space to self-quarantine/isolate until further action is decided.

Does IU have space for quarantining on campus? How are these spaces equipped?

IU is providing quarantine spaces for students who are unable to travel home. These rooms are equipped with basic toiletries, a mini fridge, and a microwave. Meals are delivered to students in quarantine or isolation. A list of suggested items to bring will be provided.

Has IU thought about the mental health of students who are in the residence halls and only have online classes and limited common/social spaces?

Counseling Services are provided as standard with additional virtual options. Additionally, they have provided a COVID mental health workbook since the summer.

We are providing a balance of engaging activities through the Office of Student Life virtually and in-person, and are encouraging the use of our extensive outdoor area.

The fitness centers in Alumnae Hall and the IHM Student Center will be available for continued use as well by appointment and walk-in’s respectively.

Updated 4/15/2021

» Please view the Academic Updates page for complete information on Class Modalities, Schedules, Attendance Policy and Self-Quarantine and Illness.

What is the status of the summer and fall 2021 semester?
The Summer term will begin on May 10th. The Fall term will begin on August 30th.

Should I need to seek accommodations for remote accommodations, whom should I contact?
Immaculata University will not be providing the full semester COVID-19 learning accommodations for remote learning as previously provided. We will still provide remote learning accommodations for students who need to isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19 and for students eligible under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Questions can be directed to Jen Peruso.

Will the use of face masks be mandatory for faculty, staff, and students?
Yes, anyone on campus in public spaces will be required to wear a mask.

Have changes been made in the classroom to accommodate social distancing?
As you step on campus, you will see that classrooms spaces look different: rooms have been carefully laid out so that students will be six feet from each other as well as six feet from faculty. Within each classroom is a supply of disinfecting wipes that individuals can use as they enter and exit the room. Additionally, plexiglass has been installed in spaces where you cannot social distance, such as in the library and dining hall. Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the campus. Outdoor seating has been expanded, and you will notice signage across campus reminding our community to adhere to social distancing, wear their masks, and to engage in frequent handwashing.

In what modality will my classes be offered In?
Please review your course schedule in SSIU (navigate to “Student,” “Registration,” “Student Schedule”), which indicates the modality your courses will be offered.

Can I obtain my textbooks and course materials online?
Yes, course materials and textbooks can be ordered online and shipped directly to your home. You can pay online with your credit/debit card, PayPal, or OneCard.

Is the library open?
The Gabriele Library is open, please check the library webpage for hours. Throughout the library, seating has been re-configured, and plexiglass has been added to ensure your safety.

Will Academic Support Services be available on-campus/virtual?
Immaculata University will provide academic student support services through on-campus meetings and virtual meetings via MS Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, or other alternative modalities

» Please view the Academic Updates page for complete information on Class Modalities, Schedules, Attendance Policy and Self-Quarantine and Illness.

Updated: 4/27/2021

» Please view the Housing and Dining Updates page for complete information for Fall 2021.


When is move-in day?
Students new to the University will move in on Friday August 27th, 2021, and students returning to the University will move in on Sunday August 29th. Students will be assigned to an appointment according to their room location, by Residence Life and Housing via IU email in advance of arrival.

How many “helpers” are students permitted to bring to their move-in appointment?
2 helpers per student are permitted for assistance with moving personal belongings. Assistance from university representatives will also be available.

How long do new students have to move-in?
Move-in appointments for new students are 2 hours long. Any guests or helpers are expected to vacate the residence halls when the appointment is over.

Will carts be available?
Carts or access to any other shared equipment will be available but not guaranteed during move-in. Students are permitted to bring their own carts and equipment to assist them.

Visitors | Dining | Fitness Centers

What are the visiting restrictions in the residence halls?
For fall 2021, resident students will be permitted to host one outside visitor at a time in the residence halls. Outside visitors must sign in with Campus Safety and adhere to all Immaculata policies and COVID-19 guidelines. Resident students may visit other resident students at any time. All students must ensure maximum occupancy limits are not exceeded at any time while hosting visitors.

What health and safety measures are in place for dining?
We are committed to the health and safety of our guests and are working hard to ensure the same excellent service you’ve come to expect is delivered in a more controlled manner. Our dining team will continue to undergo extensive training upon return to campus, including new cleaning schedules of all high-touch points utilizing an approved antimicrobial disinfectant. Team members will still be smiling but behind a mask and Plexiglas barriers.

» Please view the updated Dining Information at the bottom of the Housing and Dining Updates page for complete details. (Updated 4/16/21)

What is the procedure for using fitness centers?

  • Alumnae Hall: students need to sign-up for a time and which station they would like to use.
  • Student Center: walk-in’s must check in at the front desk and report what piece of equipment they would like to use. Limited to 1 hour on a piece of equipment.


All residential students have been supplied with a Supplemental COVID-19 Guide.

How will off-campus behavior and parties be addressed?
The Student Code of Conduct is in full effect along with additional standards and expectations stated in this plan, postings, and other communications developed as COVID-19 mitigation measures. Breeches of COVID-19 standards and expectations will be handled through the standard student conduct process. The institution reserves the right to implement interim measures where health and safety of the University population are at risk. Volume VI – Non-Academic Student Life Policies of the Immaculata University Policy Manual will be utilized in matters of potential COVID-19 violations as well as all other student conduct issues.

How will non-compliance with regulations (such as mask-wearing) be addressed?
Our hope is that everyone will help each other remember and follow all COVID-19 standards. Student Leaders, professional staff members and faculty will directly request that constituents do so, which should be followed.

Should an issue arise where there is consistent disregard for the standards a report may be filed and will be forwarded to HR for employees and the Associate Dean of Students for students.

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