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Photography & Videography

Individual Photo & Multimedia Release Form

The Individual Photo & Multimedia Release form grants Immaculata University permission to use images or videos where identifiable individuals are featured.

This form is necessary for any photo or video shoot where individuals can be recognized. Minor releases require the signature of a parent or legal guardian.

Utilize this form whenever capturing visual content that may be used for promotional, educational or public relations purposes to obtain consent and ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards regarding the use of multimedia content

In-Person Event Photography

A visible sign indicating the presence of IU photographers is displayed at most IU events. By attending, participants authorize Immaculata University to photograph or record their image/voice as follows:

I hereby authorize and give full and irrevocable consent to Immaculata University, its successors, subsidiaries, and/or affiliated organizations to use, publish, and copyright all photographs, video, illustrations, audio and/or likeness in which I and/or my minor child(ren), including minor child(ren) under my guardianship, appear while on campus or during a University-sponsored activity or event occurring both on and off-campus. I further agree that Immaculata University may use these photographs, videos, illustrations, audios and/or likenesses in any exhibits, publications, promotional materials, commercial art, advertising, websites, social media or any other published or unpublished medium for any purpose whatsoever, without limitation or restriction.

I hereby release Immaculata University from any and all claims and demands arising from, or in connection with, the use of the photographs, videos, illustrations, audios and/or likenesses. This authorization and release also extends to the legal representatives, licensees, and assigns of Immaculata University and to the persons and entities that took, captured, produced, or in other ways worked with the photographs, videos, illustrations, audios and/or likenesses.

Should attendees wish to decline permission, they are welcome to communicate this directly to the event photographer or event staff.

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