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The Immaculata Net Price Calculator provides an early cost-of-attendance estimation planning tool for new incoming undergraduate students to plan for their educational expenses at Immaculata.  This tool will allow you to begin the process of estimating your financial planning for affordability of an Immaculata education based on your demonstrated academic ability and family financial support.  By entering information into the calculator, students can receive an estimated financial aid award package that includes an estimated “net price” figure (estimated costs less anticipated scholarship and need-based grant aid).

Cost and aid estimates are based on the most recent figures, and award rules for undergraduate students and are subject to change with federal/state/University policy revisions. All results assume the student will file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the March 1 recommended deadline.  Aid estimates are based on full-time undergraduate enrollment for new incoming freshmen and transfer students.  Please review the details of Immaculata’s scholarships and need-based award programs in order to fully understand the program requirements.

Completing the calculator

To help you complete the Net Price Calculator, it would be helpful to have the following:

  1. Most recent federal income tax return and W-2 statements for the student and parent(s)
  2. Student’s academic information, including cumulative GPA (required), standardized test scores (freshman required)
  3. Transferable completed college credits (transfer students only)
  4. Approximately 10 minutes of your time

Choosing which calculator to complete

Immaculata University offers two calculators for incoming freshmen and transfer students to choose from based on your expected enrollment status.  Please select the calculator that best describes you:

  • FRESHMAN: I have not earned, and/or will not earn, 12 or more college credit hours after graduating from high school.
    (NOTE: Please do not include college credit earned while in high school)
  • TRANSFER:I have earned, or will earn, 12 or more college credit hours after graduating from high school.
    (NOTE: Please do not include college credit earned while in high school)

About the calculator
The Immaculata University Net Price Calculator is intended for new incoming full-time new freshmen and CUS transfer students only.  It is not intended for use by graduate, readmitted, continuing, international, or part-time students, who should instead contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information.  This calculator is not an official application for financial aid or admission to Immaculata University, and it is not a substitute for applying for financial aid.

The resulting net price estimation does not represent a final determination or actual award of financial assistance.  The aid estimate shall not be binding on the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, Immaculata University, or the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, and may change.  The student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid in order to be eligible for and to receive an actual financial aid award package that includes federal grant, loan, or work-study assistance under Title IV regulations.

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