LifeLong Learning Institute

At the LifeLong Learning Institute at Immaculata University (LLI at IU), individuals over 50 in the southeast Pennsylvania region can continue to cultivate their knowledge, meet others with similar interests, and stay active both mentally and physically.

The LLI volunteer advisory board is offering courses to individuals interested in participating. To request information please ​ email

Fall 2022 Lectures

All lecturers are held in Alumnae Hall. See schedule with dates and times below. Lectures are free.

Sept 14

  • N.C. Wyeth – An American Artist, @12pm
    • John Meicht
    • The focus of the presentation will center around Wyeth’s life and family in Chadds Ford, Pa. and Port Clyde Maine. N.C’s art was bold and imaginative in its scope and style. Come hear and see the story of this truly classic American illustrator and artist who created over 3,000 paintings and illustrated 112 books.

Sept 21

  • Pennsylvania Geographically: A Short History of Its Physical Landscapes @12pm
    • Paul Kelley
    • In Pennsylvania, one finds landscapes as diverse as coastal plains, piedmont, mountain ridges, and a sweeping plateau, but how did they come to be? Unraveling the story of the land called Pennsylvania begins a billion years ago and takes us up past the Ice Age to the present with a few figurative (and literal, geological) plot twists along way. Stay till the end, because there’s a final plot twist that still has geologists hunting for clues.

Sept 28

  • The Last Czar and Czarina @12pm
    • Gerald McNeff
    • This lecture will focus on the last czar and czarina of Russia. We will meet their four beautiful daughters, their hemophilic son, the mad monk – Rasputin, and many others. The story of Nicholas and Alexandra is a personal tragedy, but more importantly it spawned the Russian Revolution with ramifications affecting us to this day. Join us as we examine their noble origin and their catastrophic end.

Oct 5

  • The Battle of the Liberal Arts  @ 11:30 am
    • Joseph Healey
    • Classification of the Knowledges. How they differ and why it matters so much to us
  • Interstellar Space Travel: it’s about time @ 12:45 pm
    • Phil Rossomando
    • This lecture provides a high overview of the wonders awaiting us, and what Sci-Fi technologies have to offer and are being developed to make this dream happen. It also strives to encourage the observer, to become part of the great adventure before us if we but allow ourselves to believe

Oct 12

  • “American Exceptionalism”: Origin, Meaning and Analysis @ 12pm
    • Jeff Heim
    • Over recent decades American politicians have revived an old idea: “American Exceptionalism”. The idea suggests that America is a uniquely blessed nation with a destiny to fulfill. We are to be the model and force behind changing the world to reflect our democratic, capitalist example.
      This presentation examines where this idea of Exceptionalism seems to have begun, what did it mean then and what does it purport to mean today.

Oct 19

  • What we have forgotten about our 40th president, Ronald Reagan @11:30 am
    • Steven Dittman
    • A few highlights of his presidency from 1981 thru 1989.
  • Welcome to the Library – Chester County Library & District Center @ 12:45 pm
    • Craig Miller
    • will highlight the library’s services and resources with a focus on the library’s digital offerings that you can access from home. He will introduce Libby and Flipster, so you can enjoy eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines, and discuss the various databases to which the library provides access. Find out what’s happening at Chester County Library. The possibilities are endless – 24/7 online services, great programs for all ages, book discussion groups, technology and more. You’ll be amazed at what’s available at Chester County Library.

Oct 26

  • Demystifying the FDA, Prescription Drug Pricing, and More @ 11:30 am
    • Harriette Nadler
    • Prescription Drug FAQs:
    • What are the authorized missions of the FDA
    • Why are prescription drug prices higher in the U.S than in other countries?
    • Why is importation of lower-priced prescription drugs from foreign countries, e.g., Canada, illegal?
    • Are generic drugs as trustworthy as the original brand-name products?
    • Have Americans lost their trust in the FDA decision-making process?
  • Making Sense of Medicare @12:45 pm
    • Ellen Good
    • If you find Medicare confusing, you are not alone! Whether you are new to Medicare or have been on Medicare for a while and have questions about your options and coverage, plan to come to this lecture to get your questions answered! You’ll learn:
      • When to sign up for Medicare & how much it will cost
      • Differences between Medicare Supplement & Medicare Advantage plans
      • Your Medicare Supplement plan options
      • Important information about Part D drug plans
      • What the “donut hole” is
      • Important dates to know
      • What changes you can make during Annual Election Period (Open Enrollment)
      • And much more….

Nov 2

  • Now what do I do with my newfound family tree? Turning genealogy into a family story”  @12pm
    • Roberta Matz
    • Roberta will share her family story as she turned it into a presentation to share with her relatives, using on-line research, pictures and family lore.

Nov 9

  • American Songbook Masters: The Ella Fitzgerald Songbook Albums @ 12pm
    • Bill Palmerio
    • By the mid 1950s Ella Fitzgerald was an established jazz and pop vocalist enjoying enormous commercial success. Ella’s long time manager and influential jazz impresario Norman Granz had a plan, however, to elevate her recorded output to a new higher artistic level. Under the auspices of his newly formed Verve record label, Granz produced a series of albums featuring the unique vocal stylings of Ella Fitzgerald performing definitive renditions of classic standards by the greatest of American Songbook songwriters. The eight albums that make up the Ella Fitzgerald Songbooks have achieved legendary status among pop music historians. In this presentation we’ll explore the details behind the individual recordings, and listen to selections by the great lady herself. Hopefully you’ll come away understanding why Ella’s Songbooks are considered an essential addition to any serious collection of jazz vocal albums.

Nov 16

  • The Irish Civil War, 1922-1923.  @12pm
    • Paul Walsh
    • The Irish Civil War was the final chapter in a series of traumatic events that transformed the island from a colonial possession of Great Britain to its current status as the home to both the six county State of Northern and the twenty-six county Republic. The brief conflict left a lasting legacy of bitterness and remains a controversial topic within Irish society; did the Civil War represent the betrayal of nationalist ideals or the founding of a stable democracy? What is beyond debate is that the Civil War that occurred 100 years ago contributed to Ireland as it is today.

Nov 30

  • Tea and Cheese Pairing @11:30 am
    • Karen Donnelly
    • Who needs wine when the complex flavors and aromas of tea pair beautifully with cheese to enhance or compliment the flavors? Karen will guide you through how tea and food pairing works and will help you set up your own tea and cheese pairing party for the holidays.
  • How to Sell a house in 30 Days 101: @ 12:45 pm
    • Madeline Dobbs
    • 10 Tips to getting ready for market before you are ready to sell your house


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