Applied Technology Lab

In Immaculata’s applied technology lab, you will be trained on current, industry-standard technology, helping you practice crucial skills to prepare for the workforce.

The lab is a secure facility with a separate internet connection that enables you to learn, explore and perform technological operations without affecting the campus network. A dedicated room provides space for students to hold group study sessions and collaborate with faculty on research projects.

Use the lab’s dual-monitor computers, stand-alone network and data servers to gain hands-on experience with tasks such as:

  • Experimenting with and analyzing big data using data modeling techniques and Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Computer programming
  • Setting up computer networks
  • Penetration testing (attempting to break into a computer network)
  • Preventing cyberattacks

The lab includes software such as Python, VMware (for other operating systems, including various versions of Linux), Postgres and SQLite databases, Wireshark (for network analysis), and standard office software.

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