Sociology, B.A.
Undergraduate Studies

This scientific degree teaches students the use of empirical data to understand current social realities.

If you’re interested in how social hierarchy and the relevance of social power affect everyday life, consider earning a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology.

Courses focus on key social issues in order to design policies that allow for social progress with race, poverty, urbanization, inequalities, globalization, immigration, environmental change, research, gender, power, and class.

Our degree program allows you to identify patterns of socialization and human behavior while understanding the dynamics of the social process.


A degree in sociology prepares you for graduate school or to enter the workforce after graduation.

To gain professional experience, sociology students are encouraged to take internships to prepare for a strong foundation in their field.

Where Can I Work

A degree in sociology can lead to careers in fields such as healthcare, counseling, social work, community services, social services, education, law, research, government, human resources, management consultants and survey researchers to name just a few.

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