Biology Secondary Education, B.A.
Undergraduate Studies

Explore Biology with Secondary Education at Immaculata University

Biology with Secondary Education—leads to certification and provides practical experience in middle and high schools. You will need to complete classroom observation and student teaching requirements and fulfill the requirements for teacher certification.

The B.A. program is for students interested in a wide variety of interdisciplinary careers requiring a strong foundation in biology. As a biology major you will explore organisms from the chemical and molecular level as well as at the organismic and ecological. You will gain a breadth of knowledge that will serve as a foundation for continued learning and growth in your career.

The B.S. and B.A. degrees satisfy all pre-medicine, pre-dental, and pre-veterinary requirements.


You can become a member of Sigma Zeta (the national honor science society: IU chapter: Alpha Mu) and the Bio-Chem Club.

Where Can I work

Immaculata biology majors are prepared for technical positions in academic, industrial, government research and quality control laboratories, and field stations. In addition, biology alumni can continue their studies in graduate and professional schools in preparation for careers as professors, principal investigators, physicians, veterinarians, and more.

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