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Every activity that sustains life on the planet takes place only because of the chemical properties of the atoms, molecules and compounds involved. Recognizing the considerable overlap in the biology and chemistry programs, Immaculata has combined the two disciplines so that you can gain the most knowledge from both academic fields.

The B.A. in biology combined with the B.A. in chemistry is intended for students pursuing interdisciplinary careers requiring a strong foundation in both biology and chemistry.


To enhance your classroom and lab coursework, you can conduct undergraduate research projects in your junior and senior years under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

The biology and chemistry programs provide excellent training for students intending to continue their studies in graduate and professional schools in preparation for careers as professors, principal investigators, physicians, veterinarians, and more. If you are interested in the field of medicine, the advisory committee for the medical professions provides information, advisement, and services to prepare you for a career in medicine (including physician assistant), dentistry, optometry, podiatry, or veterinary medicine.

Where Can I Work

Immaculata biology and chemistry majors are prepared for technical positions in academic, industrial, government research and quality control laboratories, and field stations. Students who also develop good writing skills expand their opportunities for careers, such as work in scientific publishing and abstracting.

We had weekly presentations from professionals working in the most fascinating careers in biology, granting students an in-depth look at a day in the life of potential careers. Every professor seemed to have an interesting project or research opportunity in the works, and it was not uncommon to find a huddle of them discussing it in the halls and welcoming student input. For four years I studied (and napped) in the library, threw Frisbees on the grass, participated in flash mobs in the dining hall and laughed too loudly in the halls of the biology wing. I always knew I had an infallible support system built of my wonderful biology and chemistry professors and my fellow peers.

Kate Crossman ’14

Emergency Veterinarian, Metropolitan Veterinary Associates

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