Kelly Orlando, Ph.D.


Title: Professor

Department: Natural Sciences

Office: 205B Loyola

Phone: (610) 647-4400 Ext: 3279

Ph.D. Pharmacology, University of Pennsylvania
B.S. Biology, Villanova University


Dr. Orlando was a postdoctoral fellow at both the University of Pennsylvania and Villanova University. She has experience teaching laboratory and lecture courses such as cell and molecular biology, and advanced cell biology. She has also mentored students and guided their directed research.

Dr. Orlando has presented her research at meetings for various scientific associations, such as the American Society for Cell Biology and the Genetics Society of America. She has co-authored articles that appeared in publications such as The Journal of Biological ChemistryMolecular Biology of the Cell, and Experimental Cell Research. Dr. Orlando’s research covers a range of subjects, including the establishment and maintenance of cell polarity and the evolutionary conservation of genes across species.

Courses Taught

Genetics, Microbiology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Special Topics in Pharmacology


K. Orlando, C. Iosue, S. Leone, D. Davies and D. Wykoff. (2015) A paralogue of the phosphomutase-like gene family in Candida glabrata, CgPmu2, gained broad-range phosphatase activity due to a small number of clustered substitutions. Biochem. J. 471: 187-198.

K. Orlando, X. Sun, J. Zhang, T. Lu, L. Yokomizo*, P. Wang and W. Guo. (2011) Exo-endocytic Trafficking and the Septin-based Diffusion Barrier Are Required for the Maintenance of Cdc42p Polarization during Asymmetrical Cell Growth in Budding Yeast. Mol. Biol. of the Cell. 22: 624-633. *(undergraduate mentee)

K. Orlando and W. Guo. (2009) Membrane organization and dynamics in cell polarity. Cold Spring Harbor Perspect Biol. Nov; 1:a001321.

K. Orlando, J. Zhang, X. Xhang, P. Yue, T. Chiang, E. Bi, and W. Guo. (2008) Regulation of Gic2 localization and function by PI(4,5)P2 during the establishment of cell polarity in budding yeast. J. Biol. Chem. 283: 14205-14212.

K. Orlando and R. Pittman. (2006) Rho kinase regulates phagocytosis, surface expression of GlcNAc, and Golgi fragmentation of apoptotic cells. Exp. Cell Res. 312: 3298-3311.

K. Orlando, N. Stone and R. Pittman. (2006) Rho kinase regulates fragmentation and phagocytosis of apoptotic cells. Exp. Cell Res. 312: 5-15.

Research Interests

Yeast genetics, microbiology

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