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Social Media Guidelines

Immaculata University Social Media Guidelines

These guidelines regulate official and recognized social media accounts and posting to those accounts by Immaculata representatives, including student account managers, wherever such sites may appear. These guidelines are intended to assist in making informed and appropriate decisions when representing Immaculata University online. Immaculata reserves the right to change or modify these guidelines at any time and in our sole discretion.

“Official” refers to a site that represents the entire University.

“Recognized” refers to a site that represents a portion of the University. This includes, but is not limited to, departments or colleges, and other University units such as clubs and organizations.

All social media sites seeking official or recognized status must be registered with the University Communications & Marketing Office using the Social Media Registration Form.

Social media sites that do not hold official or recognized status may not affiliate themselves as sanctioned or approved by the University or any University unit.

The official and recognized University sites are as listed. The Social Media Style Guide provides guidelines to leverage the power of social media while maintaining the integrity and reputation of the institution.

Guidelines and Best Practices

  1. Be mindful. Posting on behalf of Immaculata University is both an opportunity and a privilege. As a manager/content creator for an official or recognized social media account, you are responsible for content you share. An exhibition of poor behavior online or offline reflects badly on the University.
  2. Be respectful and responsible. Immaculata University is committed to the freedom of inquiry and expression. IU seeks to foster a community that respects the civil and thoughtful discussion of ideas. Recognized social media accounts are free to discuss topics, but respect your audience, coworkers, and Immaculata University. Recognized accounts should not post content that is offensive, derogatory, or hateful. The University’s Bullying Policy clearly outlines definitions and repercussions of such behavior.
  3. Follow proper branding procedure. Recognized social media accounts must uphold the Immaculata University Branding Guidelines. If you are permitted to do so, use only approved University logos. The logo and seal represent the entirety of Immaculata and therefore are reserved for use as the avatars for official University social media accounts. If specific branded social media assets are needed, please contact the University Communications & Marketing Office (macmedia@immaculata.edu).
  4. Understand copyright and fair use. Immaculata University adheres to all U.S. copyright laws and is committed to the freedom of expression by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works in certain circumstances under the fair use doctrine. Recognized accounts must be abide by the law, as well as the University Community policies.
  5. Be accurate. Make sure you have all the facts before you post. Recognized accounts must verify information before sharing it on behalf of the University. Cite and link sources whenever possible. If you make a mistake, admit it and correct it.
  6. Maintain confidentiality. It is not permissible to post confidential or proprietary information about Immaculata University, its students, faculty, staff, alumni, or patients (in instances of future health care workers). University and federal requirements, such as FERPA and HIPPA strictly prohibit the unauthorized disclosure of information. As a general rule, if content is not acceptable or appropriate for all eyes or ears, it is not appropriate for social media sites.
  7. Gauge your commitment. While it is easy to set up a social media account, University recognized accounts are expected to post regularly and frequently. At a minimum, they require a weekly commitment of two to three relevant postings for each social media site. Immaculata’s goal is to eliminate unused and inactive social media sites. If an account is inactive for a period of six months, the University Communications & Marketing Office has the right to request the inactive account be unpublished.
  8. Stop, think, act. Always pause and think before posting. Posting on behalf of Immaculata or your University unit is an opportunity, not a right. If you are considering publishing content that makes you the slightest bit uncomfortable, review these guidelines and determine the cause for your hesitation. There is no such thing as a private social media site.
  9. Have a plan. Social media sites should be part of a larger communications strategy. Understand what you are trying to accomplish and why. Additionally, formulate a succession plan to ensure role and responsibilities are properly transferred whenever individuals associated with the operation of the site leave the University.

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