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Financial Aid Terms and Conditions

Immaculata University Office of Financial Aid
Terms and Conditions: 2023-2024 Academic Year

Immaculata University (the University) provides tuition assistance to all students enrolled in matriculated degree seeking programs including full-time College of Undergraduate Studies (CUS), College of Adult Professional Studies (CAPS), and College of Graduate Studies (CGS).  The purpose of tuition assistance is to make attendance at the University more affordable for eligible students.  The University may use other methods including but not limited to discounts, adjustments, endowments or grants to make tuition affordable.  Should the University apply any of these or other methods to the student’s University bill, the amount of the University tuition assistance can be reduced at the University’s sole discretion.

The University does not contract with the student nor guarantee to the student upon acceptance to the University, that the terms and conditions for the offer and acceptance of tuition assistance will not change during the student’s enrollment at the University.  An offer and acceptance of tuition assistance is required for each academic year.  The financial aid may be revised at the sole discretion of the University due to corrections, changes in federal or state regulations, or funding levels.

Tuition assistance is applied toward comprehensive annual tuition paid to Immaculata.  Tuition assistance may not be applied to room and board or other fees or charges.  Tuition assistance is not applied to tuition charged by any other institutions.  The University may replace any form of tuition assistance in part or full with other University aid at any time during the student’s enrollment as a full time undergraduate student.

Tuition assistance in the form of Immaculata Academic Scholarships and Immaculata University Grants are given to full time, undergraduate, matriculated, degree seeking students in the College of Undergraduate College (CUS), who will complete a minimum of 12 credits in the fall and a minimum of 12 credits in the spring semester with the goal of graduation in four academic calendar years.  If a student changes enrollment to part time in the traditional CUS program or enrolls in the College of Adult Professionals Studies (CAPS), they are not eligible for the Immaculata Academic Scholarships nor the Immaculata University Grants.  If a student goes beyond the eight semesters, takes a semester to study abroad, withdraws or stops out for a semester, goes below half time for a semester or enrolls and pays tuition at any other institution, the student is not eligible for Immaculata Academic Scholarships or Immaculata University Grants during that time.  For these purposes, a semester is defined as a spring semester or a fall semester.  Immaculata aid, scholarships and grants apply only to tuition paid for the spring and the fall semesters.  Failure to maintain minimum academic standards, withdrawal, and disciplinary action are cause for adjustments or cancellation of any or all University scholarships, grants or financial aid.

Academic Scholarships

Immaculata provides tuition assistance in the form of Academic Scholarships based upon the student’s academic and extracurricular record along with other information provided by the student or the student’s high school during the enrollment process.  Immaculata reserves the right to revise an offered Academic Scholarship if the information provided by the student or on the student’s behalf in the enrollment process is incomplete or inaccurate.  Academic Scholarships require the student to maintain a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) to be eligible for the Academic Scholarship to be renewed and awarded each fall or spring semester.  The offer and acceptance of an Academic Scholarship applies only to the academic year covered by the terms and conditions for the applicable academic year.

Immaculata University Grants

Immaculata University financial Aid or grants are awarded to students based upon financial need.  The offer of financial aid is contingent on the accuracy of the information provided by the student and the completion of all of the required financial aid requirements.  These awards are subject to change, which shall be determined by the University each academic year, if there is a change to the student’s eligibility, if there is a change in family income, if incorrect information was provided, if there is a change in enrollment status, if the student receives additional outside aid, and/or fails to submit all required paperwork.

Special University Grants

The University may offer the student a special university tuition reduction in form of a special grant.  This grant may or may not, at the University’s sole discretion, have an academic performance/minimum GPA requirement.  This grant may be offered for one semester, one academic year or for up to four consecutive academic years.  The qualifications for the grant may be dependent upon a requirement met prior to enrollment at the University or to be met during the student’s enrollment at Immaculata.

Financial Aid Assistance

Your financial aid assistance is based on information provided by you and/or your family on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Your award(s) are subject to adjustment or cancellation if incorrect or incomplete information was provided, changes in law, regulations, and/or appropriations occur, errors in processing occur or you did not meet eligibility requirements.  You must be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or eligible non-citizen to receive need-based financial aid.  State residency for tuition purposes is determined from the information you provided to Immaculata University.  State residency for Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) is determined in accordance with the rules of Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency.  As a financial aid recipient, you must assume responsibility for remaining aware of the program eligibility requirements and the policies that govern the approval, disbursement and use of financial aid funds.  When you “accept” your financial aid awards through this self-service portal, you are accepting the terms and conditions of receiving financial aid.  When you accept a loan offer electronically, you are giving consent to electronic processing of your student loan.

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