Spanish Minor

A minor in Spanish will increase your understanding of Spanish-speaking peoples through the study of their language, literatures and cultures.

Through your coursework, which could include an optional study abroad experience, you will become competent in the linguistic and grammatical aspects of speaking, writing, listening, and reading Spanish.

You will develop cultural intelligence tools and be equipped to be a catalyst for justice and peace through cross-cultural communication.

Spanish for Criminal Justice Minor

If you are majoring in criminology, this minor will acquaint you with the use of Spanish in the realm of the criminal justice profession. You may choose to participate in an intensive Spanish program held in Mexico every summer, which will allow you to specialize in field-specific vocabulary and idioms related to criminology.

You will study Spanish syntax and grammar along with Hispanic cultures, including the history, art, and literature of Latinos in the U.S., and Latino participation in politics and civic life.

Spanish for Medical Professions Minor

With the increasing population of Spanish speakers in the U.S., you will stand out in your health care career if you are proficient in the specialized terminology and idiomatic expressions of Spanish in your field.

This minor will help you practice communicating and understanding medical information in Spanish.

You can choose to study abroad in Mexico for a summer intensive that will familiarize you with the language in the context of the medical professions.

Spanish for Nutrition and Dietetics Minor

The Spanish-speaking population in the U.S. is growing, which means that you will have a competitive edge in your career as a dietitian if you can communicate in Spanish. This minor will introduce you to the subset of Spanish that relates to foods and nutrition.

You will practice conversing and writing in Spanish focused on this subject matter, and you may choose to study abroad in Mexico for a summer intensive that will help you further develop your proficiency in the language.

Spanish for Teaching Professions Minor

With increasing numbers of Spanish-speaking students in school, being able to speak and understand Spanish is an asset in the field of education. This minor will help you become proficient in using Spanish in the context of your career as a teacher.

You will study the vocabulary, syntax, and grammar specific to education, and you will gain an overview of Hispanic culture and history, including Latino involvement in U.S. politics and society.

You may participate in an optional summer intensive program in Mexico, where you will practice your language skills tailored to the teaching professions.

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