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Social Sciences Minors

Applied Politics and Policy

Public policy touches on nearly all professional and academic arenas. Graduates with a minor in applied politics and policy have an advantage when pursuing employment in the public sector, government relations, advocacy and lobbying fields.

According to ZipRecruiter, political strategists average $136,412 per year and, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists an average annual salary of $74,000 for social and community service managers. Almost half of all federal employees will retire in the next decade, so job prospects will be plentiful. There is a significant demand for administrators, government employees and related professions. Students majoring in communication, sociology, criminology, public administration, public health, emergency planning and management and other programs can add the Applied Politics and Policy minor to broaden their career prospects.


A criminology minor will allow you to explore theories of crime, methods for measuring crime and the adult and juvenile justice systems. You will study social deviance and social control measures, the operations of the criminal justice system and police, courts and correctional agencies.


The forensics minor offers an interdisciplinary overview of fundamental concepts and principles behind the field of forensics. Students will delve into forensic science, sociology and psychology, alongside the scientific examination of crime, criminal behavior, homicide and crime prevention. Additionally, students may explore high-tech and digital crime. This minor complements majors like criminal justice, biology, chemistry, psychology, cybersecurity, business and communications and equips students for future careers or graduate studies.


Minoring in politics will help you grasp political issues both in historical situations and in contemporary life. Developing an understanding of American political institutions will put you on your guard against both anarchy and tyranny. You will become competent in research methodology, a valuable skill in many fields, even if you choose not to enter politics professionally. Having a historical and political perspective will help you to be an engaged citizen with a strong legal awareness and an appreciation of the global problems facing the world in the 21st century.

Social Work

This minor will give you a foundation in sociological concepts, American social values and social policy, and ethnic and racial minority groups in the U.S. You will complete a field practicum that matches your interests, where you will gain supervised experience helping various populations learn to cope, solve problems and access resources.


Minoring in sociology will prepare you to analyze group behavior, social institutions and culture. You will gain an understanding of the functioning of society, society’s impact on the individual, American social policy, the sociology of deviance and major sociological theories.

Women’s Studies

Minoring in women’s studies will help you analyze various statements about women, investigate cultural patterns women accept and reject, and consider larger trends of change and their implications for women and culture in general.

Successfully completing this minor will enable you to:

  • Understand how gender issues impact larger social issues.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of women’s contributions to science, the arts, politics, philosophy, business and other fields.
  • Apply knowledge of women’s concerns to your chosen field.
  • Recognize women’s achievements and influence globally.

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