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Science Minors


This minor will help you pursue any of the wide variety of interdisciplinary careers requiring a strong foundation in biology. You will study cell biology and fundamental chemical concepts, and you can choose from a variety of upper-level biology electives that match your particular interests.


A minor in chemistry will provide foundational knowledge of chemical concepts as well as the physical and chemical processes of living systems at the molecular level. This minor will broaden the scope of your major field of study.

Environmental Science and Ecology

Immaculata’s minor in environmental science and ecology will help you learn about our natural world and will prepare you to address environmental issues throughout your personal life and career. Whatever your major—business, fashion, or pre-law, among others—you will gain a foundation to make more informed and strategic decisions for ecosystem health and for more sustainable and environmentally friendly products and projects.

Your courses will introduce you to current environmental issues, the impact of human activities on our natural world, and major factors that influence how plants and animals interact with each other and their physical surroundings. Such factors include adaptation, disturbances and behavior across a variety of species.

You will practice methodologies used in modern ecological research, including field sampling, data management, applying the scientific method, and using statistical models to analyze and interpret environmental and ecological data. You will learn to use sound methodology to evaluate the claims of various stakeholders in environmental issues, and you’ll examine ethical decisions related to the environment and how they impact our everyday lives.

Sustainability is a critical need for those in any career today, especially because of human-caused climate change and its local and global impacts on biodiversity loss. This minor will help you consider a range of positive actions and work to renew the natural environment around you.

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