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Health Care Management Minor

Immaculata’s health care management minor will provide you with the foundational knowledge to work within an administrative role in health care. If you are majoring in a clinical program in health care, or if you are majoring in business, this 23-credit minor will give you an understanding of organizational management in the context of the health care industry.

You will learn about the complexities of health care systems, including factors that influence health care outcomes, delivery modalities, and growth in health care resources. You will gain an understanding of legal, regulatory, and ethical issues within health care and how they impact providers, policies, and institutional practices in diverse organizational environments. You will sharpen your critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the context of health care delivery and patient services.

Most courses are available in an accelerated online or face-to- face format, with courses running for seven weeks. Some courses are available in a full 15-week semester format.

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