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Business and Leadership Minors


The accounting minor will give you a foundational knowledge in accounting, tax, economics, finance, law and business, complementing your major in areas such as business management, finance or marketing management.

You will have dynamic learning experiences that help you develop responsibility, respect, timeliness, and initiative. You will learn from faculty with extensive business experience, including serving as corporate CFOs, auditors, and accounting managers.

Business Administration

Minoring in business administration will give you a foundation in organizational operations, economics, accounting, and related business dynamics as a complement to your major in a field such as marketing or accounting.

Business Analytics

Numerous industries rely on data analytics to inform their strategic decision-making. Businesses need insightful professionals who can make sense of massive amounts of data and what they mean about market trends and consumer behavior. A minor in business analytics will give you a competitive advantage in this environment, equipping you with quantitative and analytical skills that you can apply to your major area of study.

This 18-credit minor includes some computer science courses, similar to the data analytics foundation minor, while focusing primarily on business-related courses to give you an interdisciplinary perspective on data analytics. You will learn to use critical thinking and quantitative skills to analyze and interpret data. You will apply your reasoning abilities to create effective oral, written and visual communications. You will practice evaluating information and suggesting solutions to business issues based on quantitative analysis and results.


Economics is a social science known for its rigor and fascinating insights. Many of the world’s most pressing problems are economic in nature. This minor, intended primarily for students who are not business or accounting majors, will help you understand micro- and macro-economic principles and will prepare you to analyze real-world scenarios.


Being an entrepreneur means more than just having a product or service to market. This entrepreneurship minor will help you understand components of business to prepare you to run a company successfully.

You will study accounting and budgeting, business management, and marketing principles and practices. If you are not majoring in business management, you can choose from courses in business law, information management, finance, and human resource management. If you are majoring in business, you can choose from courses in advertising, web writing, or applied psychology.


Minoring in finance will give you foundational knowledge in economics, accounting, finance, law, business management, and strategy. A finance minor is especially beneficial if you want to add depth to a major in business or accounting. You will learn from the real-life experiences of faculty who have worked as corporate CFOs, financial planners, business owners, federal regulators, and consultants.

Human Resource Management

Human resource (HR) management is a vital aspect of successful organizations. The courses in this minor address HR policies and programs, including benefits, business ethics, compensation, employee relations, orientation, staffing and training, and health and safety programs. You will learn about the legal, operational, and social responsibilities HR managers have and how their work supports both the functional departments and the employees within a business.

International Business

Businesses increasingly operate on a global scale. To succeed in this environment, you need to understand the dynamics and operations of an international business. This minor will help you to function in an international environment, giving you a foundation in basic business management and preparing you to understand the history, culture, economics, politics, and language of an international context.

Management Information Systems

The management information systems (MIS) minor will help you apply the theory of information technology, project management, and knowledge management in order to solve practical problems in business. You will be prepared to analyze, design, implement, and manage an organization’s information systems.


This marketing minor will expose you to business concepts and short- and long-term strategies that companies employ in order to reach potential customers. You can choose from courses in e-marketing, retail marketing, social media marketing, branding, global marketing, and marketing research.

Military Leadership

As an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) cadet, you can earn a 24-credit minor in military leadership to enhance your officer training. To better equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to serve our nation as a commissioned officer, this minor combines your military science courses with courses in leadership dynamics and military leadership. This minor is intended to further develop your leadership skills by examining a variety of leadership concepts and analyzing case studies of military leaders.

In addition to the 18 credits of military science coursework required for Army ROTC cadets, you will take six credits of leadership classes at Immaculata: BUS 366 Leadership Dynamics and HIST 297 Models of Military Leadership.

Sport Management

This minor will give you a background in the business aspect of sports. You will learn about managing sports facilities and events and sport marketing and administration. You will also complete a practicum in sport management.

Supply Chain Management

With a minor in supply chain management, you will learn how to effectively manage the flow of goods and information in various business settings. Taking primarily business and supply chain management courses, you will learn about managing purchasing, transportation, inventory, scheduling, as well as a variety of other vital supply chain processes. Having this knowledge will make you more marketable in today’s increasingly competitive environment.

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