Applied Politics and Policy Minor
Public policy touches on nearly all professional and academic arenas. Graduates with a minor in applied politics and policy have an advantage when pursuing employment in the public sector, government relations, advocacy and lobbying fields.

According to ZipRecruiter, political strategists average $136,412 per year and, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists an average annual salary of $74,000 for social and community service managers. Almost half of all federal employees will retire in the next decade, so job prospects will be plentiful.

There is a significant demand for administrators, government employees and related professions. Students majoring in communication, sociology, criminology, public administration, public health, emergency planning and management and other programs can add the Applied Politics and Policy minor to broaden their career prospects.

Courses for the minor are offered face to face, hybrid and online.

Required Courses

18 total credits

  • POL 233 American Public Policy, 3 credits
  • POL 305, 312, 316, 320, 322 Policy Cluster (total 3 credits from): Urban Politics & Policy, Cyberwar and Cyber Peace, International Political Economy, Environmental Policy and National Security and Foreign Policy
  • COM 338, POL 307, 311, 329, 354  Applied Politics Cluster (total of nine credits from): Political Communication, Public Opinion & Propaganda, Lobbying and Influence, Campaigns and Elections, and Leading in Crisis
  • HIST 359 Field Experience/Internship (3 credits) (if already employed in the field, replace with three additional credits from the Policy or Applied Politics cluster.



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